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22+ Trendy Spring Nail Design Ideas To Copy This Year (2024)

Spring is here, and some bright Spring nail designs will be a good fit. From pastels to flowers and shiny effects, these ideas can demonstrate your style originally and playfully.

Whether you just want to brighten your image or make it truly decadent r, spring nail designs are perfect for that goal. Consider the following fashionable ideas to use in the upcoming season in the nail industry.

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22+ Trendy Spring Nail Design Ideas To Copy This Year (2024)

Trendy Nail Colors and Designs for Spring 2024

Trending nail colors for Spring 2024 are:

  • Mint green
  • Pastel purple
  • Cheerful yellow
  • Sky blue
  • Neon yellow

Popular nail designs for the season include:

  • Spring flowers
  • Colorful butterfly decals
  • 3D flowers
  • Gold butterflies
  • Gold stars

Spring vibes are seen in nail designs like:

  • Pink ombre
  • Rainbow nails
  • Petal designs
  • Wavy green patterns

Other trends making a statement this season are:

  • French tips
  • Jelly nails
  • Velvet looks
  • Hologram manicures

As can be seen, there are multiple options – from classic French manicures to more intricate designs such as rainbow French or rainbow nail art – that can be offered to a customer.

From a classic nail polish through gel manicure in a professional nail studio to a DIY home gel manicure kit, spring nail designs are promising and various.

01. Fun Colorful Frenchies for Spring 2024

Spring Fun Colorful Frenchies feature whimsical nail designs perfect for the season. Options range from playful jelly nails to classic French tips with a twist.

Fun Colorful Frenchies
Credit @yaris.nails

Try adding some pastel purple confetti or yellow butterfly decals into the design to add more color. 3D flowers or hologram manis might also be a good option.

Neon yellow or just a few rainbow nails are excellent for creating joy. Nude nails with gold stars or light pink flowers are perfect for creating a subtle look that reminds you of a sunrise in spring.

Gel manicure kits make creating detailed designs such as chrome pink French manis or velvet cat eyes simples. Whatever your preference – sky blue versus mint green nails – Spring trends can help you have some fun.

02. Rhinestone Embellishments for Spring 2024

Rhinestone embellishments add elegance to spring nails. This season, rhinestones can enhance French tips, jelly nails, and velvet cat eye finishes.

Rhinestone Embellishments
Credit @nailsbymayraa

Some of the popular colors include cheerful yellow, pastel purple, and mint green to give a fresh spring manicure.

The use of gel manicure kits to ensure long-lasting hold or press-on nails for a quick change could also result in beautiful nails. Techniques such as flower power designs, hologram,s or neon yellow elements can be used to reach the Spring vibe.

Checkering, color blocking, and rainbow French designs are rising trends that may bring a youthful, fun look. Nail salons may create distinctive standouts by experimenting with gold butterflies, wavy greens, and velvet styles to attract clients.

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03. Stiletto Nails for Spring 2024

Stiletto nails for Spring are the latest nail art trends. Options range from french tip designs to vibrant jelly nails.

Stiletto Spring Nail designs
Credit @HowLifeStyles

Stiletto nails provide a place to be creative. Even if you go for a classic French mani or neon yellow, nail salons rely on gel manicure kits to create the butterfly decals or hologram manis that are so on-trend.

Pastel confetti or gold stars on press-on nails are a pretty easy DIY, but mint green, pastel purple, and cheerful yellow are a joyous ode to spring. The color-block, rainbow French, or sky blue manis are other happy, cool spring looks to play with.

04. Bright Pastel Nails for Spring 2024

Spring is all about cheerful colors and trendy pastel nail designs. Colors like mint green, pastel purple, and cheerful yellow are in. French tip and butterfly decals are popular choices.

Bright Pastel Nails
Credit @nailed_by_kenna

If you want to get a bit more swanky, choose velvet textures like velvet cat-eye and green velvet. Whether you’re opting for a subtle pinkombre or a bright neon yellow, keep those happy vibes alive by going pastel confetti, gold stars, wavy green nails.

Finally, don’t think twice about floral designs, like gold butterflies but give it a sexy twist by choosing the chrome pink trend. With a spring sunrise and a rainbow nail, you’ll be able to feel yourself with this fun and extremely vibrant flower power.

05. Floral Print Nails for Spring 2024

Trendy floral print nail designs for Spring include a variety of styles like French tips, jelly nails, 3D flowers, and butterfly decals.

Floral Print Nails for Spring
Credit @amber_nailart

For a Spring floral print nail art, other colors may be added through a rainbow nail design, pastel purple, cheerful yellow, or a rainbow French style.

Therefore, other techniques to be considered when achieving the perfect floral print manicure for Spring are color blocking, hologram designs, and additional elements such as gold stars or flower decals .

Trendy Barbie, chrome pink, or sky blue nails, will give the manicure a happy and playful this spring. Flower designs such as spring flowers, petal designs, or wavy green patterns can also be explored in a gel manicure, traditional polish, or press-on nails for a fresh look this season.

06. Pastel Pink for Spring 2024

Spring is all about pastel pink nail trends. From french tips to gel manicures, the options are limitless.

Pastel Pink Spring Nail designs
Credit @nailsbydaovo

Pairing pastel pink with mint green or pastel purple gives a modern touch. Cheerful yellow or neon yellow can add a pop of color.

Mixing pastel pink with hologram or chrome pink to make it more sophisticated. Going for a rainbow french or rainbow nails to give it a light-hearted feel;

While it is a traditional twist when choosing a soft velvet cat’s eye or press-on nails with gold stars, the pastel pink might also be fun;

Spring flowers or gold butterflies give a touch of whimsicality. A purple french tip or glitter french tip is a fashionable alternative.

07. Minimalist Nail Art for Spring 2024

When it comes to Spring fingers, nail art that fits the fashion is what they are fashion fail-proof. Keep it to the barest minimum is most undoubtedly the most excellent example of excellent taste.

Minimalist Nail Art for Spring 2024
Credit @polished_yogi

Use soft colors such as french tip, gel manicure, or jelly . Fresh pastel purple for a new look, peppermint green, cheerful yellow, or pink ombre .

Butterfly decals or delicate gold stars are the perfect match to a minimalistic aesthetic. Sky blue and waved green can be used as a color block or checkered trend model and made sophisticated for a spring look.

08. Classic French Tips for Spring 2024

Classic French nail tips for Spring are all about fresh and vibrant styles. Some ideas to try:

Classic French Tips for Spring 2024
Credit @_thejadeaesthetic
  • Choose traditional polish in mint green or pastel purple.
  • Opt for gel manicures with cheerful yellow or rainbow designs.
  • Consider press-on nails in hologram or velvet cat eye finishes for a quick and chic look.
  • Embrace the barbie trend with neon yellow or chrome pink hues.
  • Add gold butterflies or light pink flowers for elegance.
  • Try a subtle nude nail with gold stars or a bold color block design.

French nail tips for Spring 2024 bring a happy vibe and springtime charm.

09. Natural Nails for Spring 2024

Shine bright with natural nails in Spring while experimenting with trendy manicure designs. Get a classic French tip, vibrant rainbow, and nude nails for the French tip; light pink flowers, neon yellor cherful yellow, and butterfly decal, and gold butterflies.

Natural Nails
Credit @nailsideasmagazine

Among others are velvet cat eye, hologram mani, chrome pink, pastel purple, petal creation, and spring flowers. Try out popular designs such as pastel confetti or velvet alongside your favorite patterns, rainbow French, or jelly nails.

The natural nail trend, mint green, sky blue manicure, purple French tip will give you an elegant look. With your favorite color schemes and patterns, your nails will be as beautiful as these spring-themed prints.

10. Tie-Dye for spring 2024

The latest tie-dye trends for spring include a variety of innovative nail designs.

Tie-Dye Spring Nail designs
Credit @nailsbykatie19

Some of these designs are:

  • French tip
  • Jelly nails
  • Rainbow nails

Thus, there are many options to apply a colorful twist to the spring manicure. Gel manicure, press-on, or traditional polish—can achieve the stylish tie-dye look.

Include spring shades mint green, pastel purple, and vibrant yellow to enhance the groovy feel of the tie-dye.

Whether one opts for lilac French tip ties or a full rainbow design, tie-dye is a fun and trendy way to capture the essence of spring.

11. Polka Dots for spring 2024

Polka dots are a big trend for spring.

They come in many creative options, from classic black and white designs to rainbow nails with polka dots.

Polka Dots Spring Nail designs
Credit @1.800.nailme

In short, there are various ways to add polka dots into your nail designs. For a classy appearance, you might use them as an accent to a French tip or a gel manicure.

You can integrate the style into other popular trends, such as jelly nails or velvet cat eye, in other circumstances. Polka dots in up-and-coming manicure trends look great with pastel hues like mint green or pastel purple for a subtler look.

In spring , Polka dots will most definitely have an impact whether you are going to the salon or using your DIY gel manicure kit.

12. French Tips with a Twist for spring 2024

Adding unique twists to traditional French tips for spring is easy with creative nail designs and color combos. Here are some ideas to freshen up your French mani:

French Tips with a Twist for spring 2024
Credit @NailDesignsJournal
  • Try gel manicures with jelly nails or velvet cat eye finishes for a modern look.
  • Experiment with pastel purple or mint green shades for a refreshing touch.
  • Opt for cheerful yellow or rainbow nails for a vibrant and playful vibe.
  • Add hologram or chrome pink accents for a futuristic touch, or go for rainbow French or pastel confetti designs for a spring sunrise vibe.
  • For a subtle look, go for nude nails with light pink flowers or gold butterfly embellishments.
  • Stay inspired by trends like color block, checkered patterns, or wavy green designs to bring a happy vibe to your manicures this season.
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13. FPalm Leaves for spring 2024

Introducing fPalm Leaves to spring manicure looks brings a nature-inspired element perfect for the season. This design choice adds a touch of whimsy to nail art and mirrors the cheerful vibe of springtime.

FPalm Leaves
Credit @tessa.lyn.nails

Nail salons may create the ideal combination with fPalm Leaves, which includes Rainbow Nails, butterfly decals, and Flower Power. From pastel purple to sky blue, this palette is a sunrise perfect for spring that can make some beauty look to be total.

Whether it’s French tip with velvet cat eye to Barbie trend with gold butterfly, hologram accents, or Pumpkin Spices. Choose whatever you want to go on, including pellets for any aesthetic available.

14. Gingham for spring 2024

Gingham is a classic spring pattern. It can be part of Spring nail trends for a fresh and stylish look.

From chic french tips to elaborate floral designs, gingham-inspired nail art offers creative options.

Gingham Spring Nail designs
Credit @nailjerks

Pairing gingham with pastel purple or mint green hues results in a cheerful painting. Try Rainbow Nails or the checkered trend that might make a statement.

Nude nails with a delicate gingham pattern or light pink flowers complete the appearance of minimal. For Spring , gingham combined with butterfly decals or gold butterfly decals adds a touch of whimsy.

Hologram flowers or 3D flowers look spectacular and dreamy. Classic French mani with a hint of gingham or a neon yellow manicure with gingham designs – the style is perfect for greeting Spring with a touch of gingham.

15. Sunsets for Spring 2024

Spring is full of colorful nail designs. You can try yellows, purples, and more for a sunset-inspired look.

Sunsets for Spring 2024
Credit @Rav

Pink ombre and neon yellow are warm color tones, which are a perfect color for spring nails, while color blocking and butterfly decals make them look even better.

Gel nails or press-on nails are the two classic ways to rock this spring fashion trend. When it comes to nails, spring 2021 is the more playful, colorful, and exciting season.

The hologram nails and rainbow French are a fun-packed manicure for this spring.

Closing the rings is the season’s celebration of nature, bold colors, and patterns. The magic of a sunset at your fingertips!

16. Glitter Gradient for spring 2024

A Glitter Gradient for Spring can embrace pastel hues like mint green, cheerful yellow, and petal design.

Glitter Gradient for spring 2024
Credit @ajcreationx

This look is fun and lively, resembling the spring flowers and light pink flowers. It can be created with a smooth transition between glitter shades and blended color, such as purple french tips and hologram mani.

To make sure this manicure lasts, it requires gel manicure kits and the need to go through gel removal to avoid chipping.

One can always get the service at a nail salon or get press-on nails, which will have an improved ability to remain on and will last longer than polish.

One may also add a gold butterfly or rainbow nail designs to make the look even trendier and more summery.

17. Rainbow Marble for spring 2024

The Rainbow Marble nail trend for spring is all about colorful nails.

It includes shades like yellow, purple, green, and blue for a vibrant look.

Rainbow Marble Spring Nail designs
Credit @robinmosesnailart

They are going for a contemporary design with various styles such as French tips, velvet cat’s eye, and jelly nails.

A hologram mani, neon Yellow, or color block will put them in a happy mood . Rainbow nails with gold star or gold flowers bring a new spring trend.

18. Abstract Art for spring 2024

Abstract art for spring showcases fresh trends in nail designs. French tips, gel manicures, and jelly nails are popular choices. Velvet cat-eye and mint green polish can add uniqueness.

Abstract Art
Credit @vincentnails

Gel manicure kits that are easier to apply and last longer have to be taken off correctly. Consider implementing magnetic polish, whilst neon yellow might be unexpected.

Go with pastel confetti, show off the joyful yellow, the floral aspect, or go with the hologram mani.

Abstract nails designs might help you attain that happy spring sensation. Include the velvet look, the petal design, or given the season, use green velvet.

19. Watercolor Wash for spring 2024

Spring will showcase a trendy revival in nail art with Watercolor Wash designs. The color palette includes pastel purple, cheerful yellow, and sky blue, creating a vibrant array of hues.

Watercolor Wash Spring Nail designs
Credit @teachergolz

Include Watercolor Wash into nail art styles is versatile. Fans of french tips can try purple french tips or a rainbow French manicure. Press-on nails with butterfly decals or gold butterflies can enhance the Watercolor Wash look.

20. Neon Pop for spring 2024

Neon colors are perfect for spring nail designs this year. You can use them in various ways:

Neon Pop for spring 2024
Credit @qquirkynails
  • Neon french tips
  • Rainbow nails
  • Cheerful yellow manicures

Pair neon shades with the latest designs such as jelly nails, hologram manis, or petal patterns to make a statement. Take your pop star nail art to the next level by adding 3D flowers, butterfly decals, or gold stars.

Try Barbie trend and use neon yellow polish or rock rainbow french manis to make a statement. Experiment with color block looks or the trending checkered pattern to surprise your neon hues.

No matter your preference for polish or gel manicure kits, there are endless ways to express your neon vision for the perfect spring nail!

21. Vintage Florals: for spring 2024

Vintage florals for spring have a modern twist. They use pastel purple and cheerful yellow in French tip designs or gel manicure looks.

Vintage Florals: for spring nail designs 2024
Credit @mj_nailbizz

However, a classic floral design can turn into a whimsical masterpiece by experimenting with jelly nails or velvet cat eye finishes to add depth and texture to the pattern.

For a retro floral vibe, one can paint their toenails in mint green with delicate pink ombre hues on their fingernails and purple French tips to feel like in the 60s and 70s.

In case of a typical spring manicure, hologram or chrome pink accents will help upgrade the classic design.

This years color palette includes rainbow nails and the phrase “spring flowers” for vintage florals. It will help create sentimental and sentimental nail art.

22. Over to you

Spring is a great time to try out new nail designs. You can add some color and style by exploring fun and fresh designs. From pastel colors to floral patterns, the options are endless.

Spring Nail designs 2024
Credit @mj_nailbizz

You can keep your nails trendy and chic this season by trying out different techniques and textures. Get creative and create unique designs that stand out in springtime.

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