17 Trendy Short Hairstyle Ideas That’ll Make You Wanna Cut Your Hair

Short hairstyles are having a major moment, from sleek pixie cuts to textured layers. In this post, we’ll explore 17 trendy short hairstyle ideas that are sure to inspire your next salon visit.

Plus, we’ll give a nod to the more avant-garde looks like the bixie cut and bowl cut with blunt fringe, proving that the realm of shorter hair is as diverse as it is beautiful.

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1. Blunt Collarbone Bob

This style is all about precision and a sleek edge that skims the collarbone, offering a chic and sophisticated silhouette.


It’s a versatile choice that suits various face shapes, but it truly shines when tailored to complement your unique features.

Starting off, achieving the perfect wavy, sexy, and textured look with a blunt bob involves a few critical steps. If you’re dealing with curly or frizzy hair, gaining control from the wet stage is crucial.

This foundational step ensures that your hair is manageable, setting the stage for a stunning transformation.

Drying your hair section by section until it’s completely smooth is the secret to creating the perfect canvas for styling.

When it comes to styling, the magic happens above the occipital bone. Here, you’ll want to avoid curling your hair under.

Instead, use a flat iron to achieve bone-straight hair at the lower sections. As you move upwards, introduce waves by manipulating the iron in a crimping motion, creating a soft, wavy texture that doesn’t venture into full curls.

The top section of your hair calls for a bit more finesse. Employing a curling wand, you’ll wrap sections of hair around the wand, spinning it to create subtle waves.

This technique offers a modern twist, steering clear of the uniform curls that can make short hair look dated.

2. Cropped Bob

The bob haircut, a classic Hollywood staple, shines for its versatility. The cut caters to virtually any hair texture and face shape because there isn’t just one way to wear a bob.


From a blunt chin-length bob to a textured bob with bangs, each variation is customizable to suit your personal style.

The blunt bob, known for its super straight and strong look, is cut the same length all the way around, classically with no layers, offering a sleek and polished appearance.

For those looking to manage their fine hair, a shorter-length bob can create the illusion of thicker hair, while adding some layers to a bob can help remove some weight from thick or curly hair, making it more manageable and stylish.

Styling your blunt bob can range from sleek to enhancing your natural waves or curls. Prepping hair with frizz-fighting, heat protectant products is key before using hot tools to achieve your desired look.

Maintaining your cropped bob is crucial to keeping its shape and style. Regular trims are recommended to maintain the look, with the timeframe depending on the type of bob you have.

For instance, if you’re transitioning to a long wavy bob, you might wait longer between trims compared to a sharp bob that hits above the shoulders, which ideally requires a visit to the stylist every six weeks.

Choosing the right bob haircut style is important, especially if it’s your first time making the big chop. Considering your hair’s texture and type is vital for a style that lasts.

3. Fringed Lob

Embracing the Fringed Lob means stepping into a style that perfectly marries elegance with a playful edge.


For those of you with thick hair, this style is particularly advantageous as it helps manage and distribute the volume evenly.

By thinning out the perimeter, your hair won’t feel as heavy, and you’ll love the increased manageability. The process involves carefully pulling out weight from the hair, especially around the face, to create a soft, airy feel that frames your features beautifully.

Styling the fringed lob is all about achieving that breezy, effortless look. Starting with damp hair, use a simple blow-drying technique to smooth out the strands while maintaining a bit of natural texture.

Avoiding any complex styling tools, a basic blow dryer will do the trick, focusing on lifting the roots slightly to add volume without overdoing it.

To add a bit of flair, the fringe can be styled to either side or straight down, depending on your personal preference and face shape.

4. Glass Hair Lob

This style is characterized by its super smooth, shiny appearance, almost reflective like glass, making it a popular option for anyone looking to make a statement with their hair.


Achieving this look might seem daunting, but with the right approach, it’s surprisingly straightforward.

Firstly, starting with clean, moisturized hair is crucial. Freshly washed hair without any build-up sets the stage for that glossy finish.

Using shine-boosting products both during and after your shower can significantly enhance the glass-like effect. The key here is to opt for products that nourish the hair, adding an extra dose of shine without weighing it down.

Next, protecting your hair from heat damage is a must. Before reaching for any heat styling tools, applying a heat protectant can keep your hair frizz-free and safeguard it against potential damage.

This step ensures that your hair remains healthy and vibrant, which is essential for the glass hair look.

For most hair types, starting with a smooth blowout can minimize the need for excessive flat iron use.

5. Windswept Crop Cut

This trendy short hairstyle idea is perfect if you’re looking for a dynamic, yet manageable haircut.


The key to achieving this look lies in the precision cutting technique that allows your hair to fall into smooth pieces, giving you that effortlessly tousled appearance.

When your stylist begins, they’ll start at the center, separating your hair and letting it lay naturally. This approach ensures that the cut complements the natural fall of your hair, enhancing its movement.

Using a cutting technique that follows the direction you want your hair to flow, your stylist will create a free, unstructured line that adds to the windswept effect.

The magic of this cut happens in the layering. Small sections, no longer than the length of the first knuckle, are cut in a way that each layer subtly extends beyond the one beneath it.

This technique creates a jagged, yet soft edge that’s key to the windswept look. By pushing the hair outward during the cut, your stylist ensures that each strand perfectly contributes to the overall textured style.

Styling this cut can be as simple as using a mousse to add volume at the roots, followed by a texturizing paste to define the ends.

6. Short Shag

If you’re looking to refresh your look with a short shag haircut, incorporating bangs and shine-boosting highlights can add texture and dimension, making this style a vibrant choice.

This haircut balances the boldness of heavy side bangs with shorter layers at the nape, preventing your hairstyle from feeling overwhelming.

To emphasize the texture, especially if you have curly hair, using a sea salt spray will enhance the shaggy appearance.

For those who prefer a more polished yet still playful look, the grown-out platinum blonde pixie is an excellent adaptation of the short shag.

It maintains a feminine and sassy vibe without being too extreme. This style is particularly effective for balancing facial features, with variations like a shag bob or a shaggy pixie cut being ideal for heart-shaped faces, drawing attention away from the forehead and accentuating the cheekbones.

When styling your short shag, versatility is key. You can go for a more textured look by using a flat iron to create subtle beach waves.

Start close to the root and alternate the direction of the iron to create a natural, edgy effect. For those top layers, make them more pronounced to enhance the overall style.

7. Rooty Stacked Bob

This particular cut is a game-changer for those with fine hair, transforming the struggle for volume into a thing of the past.


The stacked layers in the back create an inverted effect that naturally lifts the hair, giving it a fuller appearance.

The rooty aspect refers to the darker roots that blend seamlessly into the rest of the hair, adding depth and dimension.

When styling this haircut, the journey begins right after washing. Applying a lightweight, volumizing spray near the roots and throughout the hair sets the foundation for that much-desired body and bounce.

The key here is choosing products that don’t weigh your hair down but rather support the structure of the stacked bob.

Using two sizes of round brushes during the blow-drying process allows for precision styling. The smaller brush is perfect for the shorter layers at the back, ensuring they’re adequately lifted and rounded.

As you move to the longer sections, switching to a larger brush helps maintain a smooth transition from the stacked back to the sleeker sides.

For those days when you’re after an extra volume boost, especially at the front where hair tends to be finer, a clever trick is to dry the hair almost completely and then use rollers.

This technique minimizes damage while maximizing lift. Once the hair is dry and the rollers are out, a light teasing at the roots can add lasting volume.

8. Blunt Chin Bob

When you’re aiming to highlight your gorgeous facial features, a blunt chin bob is your go-to option.


This style is perfect for drawing attention directly to your eyes and enhancing your facial structure without any distractions. The beauty of a clean-cut, chin-length style is its versatility, making it suitable for any occasion.

For those with a round face, the thought of a blunt bob might seem less appealing, fearing it might accentuate the roundness.

However, a little styling trick can make a significant difference. By angling the bob slightly towards the front and incorporating soft, face-framing bangs, you can visually elongate your face, ensuring your cheeks don’t become a focal point.

This subtle adjustment makes the blunt chin bob a flattering choice for virtually any face shape.

Asymmetrical bob hairstyles are currently at the peak of fashion, offering a plethora of flattering cuts to choose from.

Short haircuts, like the blunt chin bob, minimize the time spent on hair styling, which is a significant advantage for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

9. Asymmetrical Pixie

This trendy short hairstyle idea is a perfect blend of edgy and chic, offering a fresh look that’s ideal for oval faces but adaptable to various face shapes.


The asymmetrical pixie is characterized by its unique balance of lengths, with one side sporting long, sweeping bangs while the other showcases a daring undercut or shorter length.

For those looking to make a statement, the asymmetrical pixie can be customized with vibrant color highlights, adding an extra layer of personality to the look.

The key to nailing this style is face-framing layers, with sweeping bangs that hit right at the cheekbone to add definition and enhance your facial features.

Maintaining the asymmetrical pixie is surprisingly accessible, with a bit of product and minimal effort.

To achieve that perfectly disheveled look, adding mousse to damp hair before blow-drying can introduce volume at the roots, while a touch of styling gum can keep your mane in place throughout the day.

For those wanting to keep some length, opting for a long section on one side or down the back can provide a girly yet edgy vibe, making the transition to a bob haircut seamless when you’re ready for a change.

10. Textured Pixie with Long Bangs

When you decide to go for a Textured Pixie with Long Bangs, you’re choosing a hairstyle that’s both edgy and feminine.


This style is perfect for those who want to make a bold statement while keeping some length in the front to play with.

The journey to achieving this look starts right from the wash. Using your favorite shampoo and conditioner, ensure your hair is clean and ready for styling.

Remember, the products you use don’t have to be specific to styling; what’s important is that they work well for your hair type.

After washing, gently towel-dry your hair and introduce a bit of texture with a sea spray. This step is crucial as it lays the foundation for that sought-after volume and texture.

By rubbing the product into your hair, you’re preparing it for the next crucial step: blow-drying.

Blow-drying your hair might seem straightforward, but there’s a technique to achieve the perfect volume, especially with this style.

Try flipping your hair upside down to maximize volume at the roots. However, be mindful of the sides; you want them to lay flat while the top gets that poofy, voluminous look.

Even when drying upside down, directing the sides backwards and focusing on volumizing the top is key.

For the sides and the back, if they tend to stick out or look unruly, a little bit of wax can help tame them.

This is especially helpful if you’re not looking to put too much effort into styling every day. A small amount can smooth down these areas, making your hairstyle look neat and intentional.

To add more texture and hold to your pixie, a volumizing dust can be a game-changer. It’s best to control the amount you use to avoid overdoing it.

Sprinkling a bit at the roots gives your hair that extra lift and makes styling more manageable.

11. Bowl Cut with Blunt Fringe

Embracing the Bowl Cut with Blunt Fringe is like taking a bold step back into the past with a modern twist.


This style, combining two of the biggest throwback hair trends—the bowl cut and mullet—into one, offers an innovative approach for those of us torn between retro and contemporary.

The mullet aspect keeps the back of the hair longer and wispier, while the bowl cut maintains its signature bang in the front, making this an ideal style for anyone looking to stand out.

Adding an undercut on the sides of the head introduces an edgy detail that elevates the whole look. This style features an undercut, which is essentially a buzzed look on the sides or bottom of the head, but executed in a subtle manner.

The fade creates a beautiful gradient that accentuates the shape of the cut, providing a smooth transition from the bold top to the more understated sides.

For those seeking an even edgier take, considering a bare undercut near the nape of the neck might be the way to go.

This variation accentuates natural hair texture beautifully, offering a stark contrast between the sleek, rounded top and the daringly exposed back.

It’s a statement look that’s both bold and beautiful, showcasing a fearless approach to personal style.

Lastly, for a colorful twist, this bowl cut can be customized with vibrant hues, adding a playful dimension to the style.

The subtle layers introduced add movement and dimension, making the hair appear fuller and more dynamic.

12. Bixie Cut

It’s essentially a pixie that’s grown out, offering a versatile and stylish option for those looking to transition from a shorter haircut or aiming to add a modern twist to their bob.


At its core, the Bixie is characterized by heavy layering, which gives it a slightly shaggy appearance.

Unlike traditional cuts, the focus here is not on maintaining a uniform length around the perimeter but on creating volume and texture through strategic layering.

This approach results in a haircut that appears more rounded and full, moving away from the inverted layers commonly seen in some bobs and pixies.

What truly sets the Bixie apart is its adaptability. The cut can be tailored to suit various hair types, from straight to wavy or even curly, and it flatters a range of face shapes.

For those with round faces, adding volume at the crown can elongate the appearance, while individuals with oval or heart-shaped faces might opt for balanced layers and a textured fringe to soften their features.

Styling the Bixie is where the fun really begins. This cut allows for a high degree of personalization, with the ability to play up texture and movement.

Fringes, too, can be customized, from blunt to choppy, depending on your face shape and personal style. The key is to work with your hair’s natural texture, using products to enhance separation and volume without weighing it down.

13. Short Mullet

The Short Mullet is making a striking comeback, transforming from its ’80s roots into a modern hairstyle that’s both bold and stylish.

This contemporary take on the classic mullet emphasizes shorter layers around the face, gradually lengthening towards the back. It’s a perfect blend of edgy and chic, offering a fresh look that’s adaptable to various face shapes.

Styling a female mullet requires a bit of patience, especially if you’re aiming for a look that thrives when air-dried. For those with curly hair, using a diffuser can help place the curls precisely where you want them.

The most crucial aspect of the mullet is the bangs upfront. Framing the hair around your face is essential, as the bangs play a significant role in defining the mullet’s style.

Experimenting with different styling products can offer various looks, from voluminous sprays that add extra layers to holding sprays that keep the hair in place.

Regular trims are vital to maintain the defined look of a mullet, especially if your hair grows quickly. The short mullet isn’t just a hairstyle; it’s a statement of individuality and confidence.

It stands out in a crowd, offering a cool and simple style that’s easy to maintain while allowing for creative styling options.

14. French Bob

This haircut, celebrated for its simplicity and elegance, typically ends anywhere from the cheekbone to the chin, making it a versatile choice for various face shapes.


What sets the French Bob apart is its ability to beautifully frame the face, often featuring a sharply cut perimeter that highlights the jawline and cheekbones.

Adding a sweeping fringe or a wavy bang can further accentuate this effect, offering a softly defined look that’s quintessentially Parisian.

The process of achieving a French Bob begins with precise sectioning. By separating the front and back with a vertical line down the hairline and splitting it down the center back, stylists ensure a balanced cut.

The haircut starts on the side, maintaining an above-the-chin length for that classic French Bob silhouette.

Achieving symmetry is crucial, so cutting both sides with care and connecting them at the back with horizontal sections parallel to the floor is essential.

This technique, done with no elevation to avoid tension on the hair, results in a full, blunt line that defines the French Bob.

To modernize the shape and add a bit of texture, stylists might remove a slight bit of weight from the top by elevating sections straight up and cutting them parallel to the floor.

This subtle layering rounds off the edge just a bit, ensuring the cut doesn’t feel too heavy. The fringe, a defining feature of the French Bob, is crafted by creating a triangle shape and then employing a slide cutting technique.

This approach allows for a softer line within the haircut, adding movement and versatility.

Styling the French Bob is surprisingly straightforward, embracing natural texture and encouraging an air of laid-back sophistication.

15. Buzz Cut with Design

This style isn’t just about going short; it’s about turning your hair into a canvas for artistic expression.


Embracing the Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is more than just a low-maintenance hairstyle; it’s a statement. By incorporating designs, you elevate the buzz cut from a simple shave to an eye-catching piece of art.

The beauty of this style lies in its versatility. You can opt for subtle lines that add an edge to your look or go for bold patterns that showcase your adventurous side.

The Art of Shaved Designs

Shaved hair designs require a skilled hand, as they involve shaving intricate patterns into the buzzed hair. These designs can range from simple lines and shapes to elaborate images or symbols.

The key to a successful design is precision, ensuring that each line is clean and each shape is well-defined.

16. Pixie with Shaved Sides

Embracing a Pixie with Shaved Sides is a bold move that speaks volumes about your confidence and style.


This edgy haircut combines the classic allure of a pixie cut with the modern twist of shaved sides, making it a perfect choice for active women who desire a low-maintenance yet stylish look.

The asymmetrical pixie cuts add an extra layer of edginess, offering a unique hairstyle that stands out.

For those daring enough to experiment with color, this hairstyle opens up a plethora of possibilities.

From bold, vibrant hues to softer, pastel shades, adding color to your pixie can enhance the edgy vibe while highlighting the textured layers.

It’s a fantastic way to express your personality and add an extra dimension to your look.

Maintaining the health of your hair is crucial, especially when dealing with shaved sides. Regular conditioning treatments can help keep your hair in top condition, ensuring that it has the foundation to continue growing healthy.

17. Wavy Bob with Curtain Bangs

It’s clear that choosing the right short haircut is not just about making a fashion statement but also about embracing one’s individuality and showcasing it with confidence.


As we conclude this journey through various chic, short hairstyles, it’s evident that the essence of these haircuts goes beyond mere aesthetics.

They offer a reflection of personal style, a nod to one’s boldness to stand out, and, importantly, a testament to the embracing of change.

With no mention of brands or specific product recommendations, the focus remains purely on the artistry of hairstyling and the freedom it bestows upon one to redefine their look.

Final Thoughts

The desire to chop off our locks seems to surge as the seasons change, particularly as we head into warmer weather.

It’s time to get your screenshot button ready because you might just find the perfect inspiration to visit the salon sooner than you think.

Short haircuts for women have always carried a certain timeless chicness, but they’re making a particularly strong statement this year.

They embody fashion-forward and edgy appeal, making them a hot trend in salons this season.

But before you make the leap, it’s crucial to choose a cut that complements your face shape. Not all cuts are created equal, and while personality and style can tie a look together, some haircuts may not flatter everyone.

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