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15 Best Summer Makeup Looks Trending This Year (2024)

As the mercury rises, so does the opportunity to experiment with the best summer makeup looks trending this year.

Navigating through the current makeup trends can be a thrilling adventure, offering a chance to refresh your look with a pop of color or a hint of metallic makeup, ensuring you stay ahead in the style game.

This post will guide you through 15 must-try makeup trends 2023 has to offer, promising to keep your summer makeup on point.

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1. Sunset Eyes with Glossy Lid

Sunset eyes with a glossy lid is a stunning makeup look that captures the warm, vibrant colors of a sunset, blended seamlessly across your eyelids, topped with a shiny finish that makes your eyes pop.


To achieve this look, start by applying a light, shimmery base color like gold or soft peach across the lid. This not only brightens the eye area but also serves as a smooth canvas for adding more intense colors.

Next, introduce warmer tones such as orange and pink. Apply an orange eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eyes and blend it inward.

You can then layer a vibrant pink or even a purple shade next to the orange, using a blending brush to merge the colors beautifully without harsh lines, mimicking the seamless transition of colors in a sunset.

For the defining feature—the glossy lid—opt for a high-quality cream shadow or a gloss specifically designed for eyelids to avoid creasing.

Pat the gloss over the colored eyeshadow gently. This not only secures the eyeshadow but also adds a dewy, fresh look that’s perfect for summer evenings.

Enhance the overall effect by lining your lower lash line with a gold or shimmery light pink eyeshadow, which complements the sunset theme.

Finish the look with a couple of coats of volumizing mascara to add both length and volume to your lashes, making your eyes look wider and more expressive.

2. Neon Liner Graphic Cat Eye

For a bold twist on your summer makeup, the Neon Liner Graphic Cat Eye is your go-to look. This vibrant style not only highlights your eyes but also adds an electrifying pop of color that’s perfect for any summer party or event.


To start, choose a neon eyeliner—think electric blues, fiery oranges, or hot pinks. The key here is to select a shade that stands out against your natural skin tone.

Applying the liner requires a steady hand and a bit of creativity. Begin at the inner corner of your eye and sweep the liner along your upper lash line, extending slightly past the outer corner to create the iconic cat-eye wing.

For an added graphic element, you can experiment with different shapes like a double wing or a small flick upward at the inner corner of the eye.

The texture of the liner is crucial for achieving a precise and vivid line. Opt for a gel or a liquid formula that glides smoothly and provides a rich, opaque color payoff. This ensures your neon liner remains striking and smudge-free throughout the day or night.

3. Freckled Fresh Face

Embracing the Freckled Fresh Face look this summer means celebrating the natural beauty of your skin, highlighted by sun-kissed freckles that add a unique charm to your overall appearance.


This look is all about achieving an almost sunkissed natural glam, where the focus is on letting your natural skin texture and freckles shine through, complemented by a healthy glow.

To achieve this, starting with a foundation that is buildable and looks like skin is essential. A product that leaves you with a healthy-looking glow is ideal, especially if you have dry skin.

The Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is a perfect example, known for its buildability and natural finish. For the freckles, you can use a combination of methods to add layers and make them appear more natural.

A tiny brush can be used to spatter freckles across the nose and high cheekbones, then softly dabbed with a sponge applicator to blend.

Repeating this process with different products, such as a brow pencil, can add depth and realism to the freckles, making them look natural.

Hydrating the skin properly before applying any makeup is crucial, especially for those wanting their freckles to be visible.

A lightweight moisturizer can serve as a great primer, ensuring the skin is well-prepped. When it comes to foundation, opting for light coverage allows your natural skin and freckles to show through.

For those with freckles, warm undertones are common, but playing with cool tones can complement features like blue eyes, adding an interesting contrast to the warm glow of the freckles.

Concealing while keeping the freckles visible can be tricky, especially around the under-eye area. The key is to use very sheer coverage and blend well, ensuring a balanced look that doesn’t cover up the natural beauty of the freckles.

Spot concealing with pot concealers that match the skin tone can help maintain the natural look, allowing the freckles to stand out as a beautiful feature.

4. Douyin Blush Hack

The Douyin Blush Hack has taken the beauty world by storm, originating from China and quickly spreading across Asia to the UK and beyond.


This trend is all about creating a natural, sun-kissed look that mimics the soft flush one gets from a day in the sun.

The technique involves using a liquid or cream blush to draw small V-shapes atop the cheekbones, at the outer corners of the eyes, and even on the chin and nose.

You then blend these marks using either your fingers or a damp makeup sponge, resulting in a glowy, rosy complexion.

This blush application method is perfect for those who prefer a minimal makeup look but still want to appear bright and vibrant.

The key to mastering this hack is the blending process, which should be done gently to achieve a seamless finish that looks naturally radiant.

5. Chromed Glossy Lips

If you’re aiming to make a statement with your lips this summer, the Chromed Glossy Lips look is a must-try.


This trend combines the mirror-like shine of chrome with the lush appeal of glossy lips, creating a visually stunning effect that’s perfect for both day and night looks.

To achieve this, start by prepping your lips to ensure a smooth application. Use a gentle lip scrub to exfoliate any dry skin, followed by a hydrating lip balm to moisturize.

Next, select a metallic or chrome lipstick as the base color. Silver, gold, or metallic pinks are great choices that reflect light beautifully.

Apply the lipstick evenly, making sure to cover the entire lip area for a uniform look. Once you have your base, it’s time to add the gloss.

Opt for a clear, high-shine lip gloss and apply a generous layer over the chrome lipstick. This not only seals in the color but also adds an incredible glossy finish that enhances the chrome effect.

For an extra touch of glamour, consider using a lip liner to define your lips before applying the chrome color. This helps to keep the lipstick from feathering and gives your lips a more defined shape.

The key to rocking Chromed Glossy Lips is confidence, as this look is all about drawing attention to your pout with its bold and reflective finish.

6. Watercolor Blush and Lips

Come summer, the allure of bold, bright eyeshadows becomes irresistible. This season, the watercolor makeup trend, celebrated for its dreamy appearance and diluted hues, promises to add a unique and unexpected finish to your look.


Imagine the bright blue of the water, purple blooming flowers, and flowing pink rosé – these colors seem to come alive during the warmer months, and now, they can vividly accentuate your makeup routine too.

For an enchanting pop of color, the bold watercolor tear duct eyeshadow stands out. It’s a look that complements both natural glam and a more audacious face beat, requiring minimal makeup skills.

Simply sweep your chosen hue onto the inner third of your eyes, blend it out, and you’re set to dazzle. For those a bit shy about diving into full-on color, a natural base with a pastel pop in the inner corner can subtly bring out the eyes, with light blue shades proving particularly mesmerizing.

The watercolor trend doesn’t stop at the eyes. It extends to creating a luminous, sun-kissed look that mimics a soft flush from a day in the sun.

This technique involves using liquid or cream blush to draw small V-shapes atop the cheekbones, blending gently for a glowy, rosy complexion. The result is a minimal makeup look that still appears bright and vibrant.

Pairing watercolor tear duct eyeshadow with complementary shades of winged liner can make a significant impact. For instance, a bright chartreuse inner corner paired with a bold liner creates an eye-catching look.

Moreover, an ombré eyeshadow look transitioning from blue to purple can naturally progress into a watercolor tear duct, offering a soft yet striking effect.

For those seeking a more abstract approach, a splatter paint eye featuring a neon rainbow-inspired spectrum can be a fun experiment.

And if you’re aiming to make your inner corner color stand out, layering a vivid shade over a lighter hue, while keeping the rest of the eye in neutral tones, can make the colors pop beautifully.

7. Graphic Liner with Negative Space

Embrace the avant-garde and unleash your creativity with the Graphic Liner with Negative Space makeup trend, a look that’s as edgy as it is elegant.


This style takes the classic eye makeup game to a whole new level, allowing for a bold expression of individuality through unique designs and bold lines.

What sets this trend apart is its use of negative space – the uncolored area within or around a design element – to create an eye-catching, graphic effect.

While white may not technically be a color, incorporating a white liner can freshen up your look significantly.

For a crisp, mod feel, start with a classic cat-eye along your lash line. Then, let your creativity flow by adding a floating wing or experimenting with geometric shapes above the crease for a look that’s both avant-garde and captivating.

You can even match your liner to your outfit for a cohesive and trendy appearance, as seen with Kelsea Ballerini’s floating lime liner, perfectly complementing her ensemble.

Negative space eyeliner isn’t just about the design; it’s about making a statement. This trend offers endless inspiration for those looking to break free from traditional eyeliner styles.

From a black floating liner enhanced with rhinestones for added sparkle to a two-tone look that plays with color along the crease, the possibilities are truly endless.

And for those moments when you’re feeling adventurous, why not fill in the negative space with glitter for an extra pop of fun?

8. Glitter Tears

If you’re looking to add a touch of whimsy and sparkle to your summer makeup, Glitter Tears might just be the trend you need to try.


This playful look involves applying a trail of glitter from the lower eyelid, mimicking the path of a tear, which catches the light beautifully and adds an ethereal glow to your overall appearance.

To get started, select a fine glitter or a glitter gel specifically designed for cosmetic use to ensure safety and comfort.

You might want to choose a product that complements the hues of your eyeshadow or one that contrasts strikingly for a more dramatic effect.

Begin by applying a base eyeshadow, perhaps a subtle shimmer that sets the stage for the glitter. Then, using a small, precise brush or the tip of your finger, gently dab the glitter along the lower lash line, extending it downward to create the “tear” effect.

Blending is key to achieving a seamless transition from glitter to skin. You might find it helpful to mix a little glitter with a clear, lightweight gel to keep it in place and prevent fallout.

As you apply, taper the trail of glitter to make it thin out naturally, enhancing the illusion of a real tear.

This look pairs well with muted, glossy lips and a soft, dewy complexion to keep the focus on your sparkling eyes.

9. Sun-Kissed Skin with Bronzed Goddess Glow

For that perfect Sun-Kissed Skin with Bronzed Goddess Glow, imagine basking in the warmth of the sun, your skin radiating a healthy, golden shimmer.


This look is all about enhancing your natural complexion with a touch of bronzer to achieve a glow that seems effortlessly achieved from summer sunlight.

Start by ensuring your skin is well moisturized; hydrated skin is crucial for a smooth application. Using a bronzer, preferably one with a golden or warm undertone, lightly dust areas where the sun naturally hits your face—the forehead, cheekbones, and bridge of your nose.

The key is to use a light hand and build the product slowly to avoid an overdone look.

Blend the bronzer seamlessly into your skin with a fluffy brush to ensure there are no harsh lines, just a gentle, sun-kissed effect.

If you want to enhance the glow, a swipe of highlighter on the high points of your face can do wonders. Choose a highlighter that complements the bronzer, something with golden or peachy hues works beautifully.

10. Bold, Graphic Eyeliner with a Floating Wing

Unleash your inner artist this summer with the Bold, Graphic Eyeliner with a Floating Wing look. This trend is all about precision and drama, allowing you to express your creative flair through your makeup.


To start, select a high-quality eyeliner—gel liners work great for this due to their smooth application and intense pigment.

Begin by drawing a sharp, clean line along your upper lash line. The key is to keep the line as neat as possible for maximum impact.

Once you reach the outer corner of your eye, don’t stop—extend that line into a wing that floats above the crease of your eyelid, creating the illusion of a double eyeliner look.

This floating wing should parallel your natural eye shape but feel free to experiment with different lengths and angles to find what enhances your features best.

For those who love a bit of color, swap out the classic black for a vibrant hue. Think electric blues, fiery reds, or even a bold purple to add an unexpected pop to your look.

The contrast between the vivid eyeliner and your skin tone will draw all eyes to you.

11. Two-Toned Lips with a Bold Outline

Diving into the world of Two-Toned Lips with a Bold Outline, you’re exploring lipstick’s creative side, akin to the versatility of eyeshadow.


This technique is not just about applying a single shade; it’s about blending and contrasting colors to enhance the natural beauty and fullness of your lips.

Think of it as the art of creating depth and dimension, where the lips are the canvas, and you’re the artist with a palette of colors at your disposal.

To embark on this journey, start by prepping your lips. Hydration is key, so a lip balm, especially one with sunscreen, is your first step.

This ensures your lips are smooth and protected, creating the perfect base for your two-toned masterpiece.

Next, outline your lips with a liner that’s bold and defines your lips’ natural shape. You might even consider overlining slightly at the cupid’s bow for that extra plump look.

Now, for the main event: apply the first lip color around the outermost ring of your lips, leaving the center bare for the second shade.

This technique is where the magic happens. The general rule is to use a lighter or glossier color for the inner portion of your lips. This not only highlights the pout but also gives the illusion of fuller, more luminous lips.

After applying both shades, gently rub your lips together, allowing the colors to blend seamlessly. The result? A stunning, fuller-looking pout that’s ready to steal the show.

12. Dewy Skin with Washed-Out Lavender Eyeshadow

Creating a look that embodies the essence of summer while keeping it fresh and light can be a delightful challenge.


The Dewy Skin with Washed-Out Lavender Eyeshadow trend is a perfect example of how you can achieve a radiant, sun-kissed appearance without going overboard.

This look focuses on enhancing your natural beauty by using a minimalist approach, emphasizing dewy skin and soft, lavender eyeshadow to bring a touch of elegance and freshness to your makeup routine.

To start, it’s crucial to prepare your skin to achieve that coveted dewy finish. A cleansing balm can be a game-changer in your makeup prep routine, especially when used before applying any makeup.

It helps to break down any dirt or oils on the face, transforming into an oil and then a cleansing milk upon contact with water, leaving your skin more hydrated than before.

Following up with a moisturizer that contains SPF, such as a procollagen Marine cream, ensures your skin stays hydrated, dewy, and protected throughout the day.

Foundation choice is key for this look. Opt for a foundation that offers a dewy, skin-like finish with medium coverage.

Applying it from the perimeter of the face towards the center ensures a natural appearance, avoiding any heavy or cakey look under the bright summer sun. Using a foundation brush for application, followed by a sponge to blend, helps achieve a flawless finish.

For the eyes, the lavender eyeshadow is the star of the show. Begin with a light lavender shade, applying it in layers to build up intensity, ensuring to blend well for a seamless finish.

Adding a warmer purple in the crease and blending it outwards creates depth, while a deeper purple on the outer edge of the eye adds structure.

To keep the eyes looking bright and avoid any irritation that sometimes comes with purple tones, adding a black eyeshadow at the lash line can provide dimension and make the lavender pop.

Finishing touches like a cream bronzer lightly pressed around the face’s perimeter and a vibrant pink cream blush tapped onto the cheeks bring warmth and a youthful glow to the look.

13. Colorful Mascaras

Colorful mascaras are making a vibrant comeback, transforming everyday makeup looks into statements of creativity and style.


With an array of shades from olive green to bright pink and purple, these mascaras offer a fun twist to the traditional black or brown.

A simple application of purple mascara can elevate your look, proving that sometimes, less is more. However, the fun doesn’t stop at a single color.

You can experiment with gradients, applying different shades on various parts of your lashes for a multi-tonal effect.

Imagine pink on the inner lashes gradually blending into purple towards the outer corners. The possibilities are endless, allowing for personal expression and innovation in your makeup routine.

For those seeking a bold, artistic look, the anti-mascara technique is a must-try. Inspired by the creative minds on social media, this method involves stamping colorful mascara around the eyes in graphic shapes or lines, offering a quick yet impactful alternative to traditional eyeshadow applications.

It’s perfect for those days when you’re short on time but still want to make a statement. The goal is to embrace the messiness and creativity, allowing for a unique look that stands out.

Another inventive use of colorful mascara is brushing it through the eyebrows. This can be particularly useful for those who have dyed their hair a unique color and struggle to find matching eyebrow products.

A bit of purple or green mascara can add an interesting pop of color, tying your look together, especially if you’re sporting the same hue in your hair.

Lastly, if you’re already a fan of graphic liners, you might find that colored mascaras aren’t a necessity. You can achieve similar effects by applying your favorite graphic liner to your lashes with a disposable spoolie.

14. Crystal Embellished Makeup

Embrace the sparkle this summer with the Crystal Embellished Makeup trend, a dazzling approach that’s sure to make you stand out.


This look is all about incorporating rhinestones and Swarovski crystals into your makeup routine, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to any outfit.

Starting with a clean base is crucial. Prep your skin and apply a smooth foundation to ensure that the crystals have a flawless canvas to adhere to.

When choosing crystals, consider various sizes and colors to create depth and intrigue. A mix of champagne, gold, and perhaps a pop of pink can offer a balanced yet striking look.

Application is key to achieving a professional finish. Use a high-quality eyelash glue to secure the crystals. Clear glue is preferred as it won’t distort the colors of your crystals.

Begin by placing larger stones on prominent features like the cheekbones or brow bones, then fill in with smaller crystals to create a gradient effect.

Placement should enhance your features, so consider the proportions of your face. Highlight areas where you would normally apply shimmer, like the inner corners of the eyes or along the brow bone.

For a more avant-garde look, you might even add a few crystals along the collarbones or shoulders, perfect for evening events.

15. Rainbow Highlighter

Exploring the vibrant world of rainbow highlighters, you’re stepping into a realm where makeup transcends traditional beauty norms and embraces a spectrum of playful colors.


The allure of these highlighters lies in their ability to blend multiple hues, creating a prismatic effect that catches the light in magical ways.

Imagine swiping a brush across a pan containing every color of the rainbow, then applying it to your cheekbones for an ethereal glow that shifts with your every move.

This is the charm of rainbow highlighters, a trend that has captured the hearts of makeup enthusiasts seeking something extraordinary.

One of the key aspects of mastering the rainbow highlighter look is the technique of application. Start by selecting a highlighter brush that can pick up and blend the colors evenly.

Gently swirl your brush across all the colors in the pan, ensuring each shade is represented. Then, with a light hand, sweep the brush across the high points of your cheeks where the light naturally hits.

The result? A mesmerizing, iridescent glow that seamlessly transitions from one color to the next.

But the versatility of rainbow highlighters doesn’t end there. Many have discovered that these highlighters double as stunning eyeshadows.

Applying the lighter shades on the eyelid can create a beautifully odd yet captivating look, turning everyday makeup into a statement piece.

Furthermore, embracing the full spectrum on your eyes can channel your inner Rainbow Brite, making for a fun and wearable look that’s sure to turn heads.

Final Thoughts

Through this exploration of the top summer makeup trends, we’ve traversed the vibrant and imaginative landscape of beauty, uncovering looks that range from the ethereal allure of dewy, sun-kissed skin and watercolor blushes to the bold statements of graphic liners and neon splashes.

Each trend invites a celebration of individuality and creativity, encouraging you to experiment with textures, colors, and techniques to uncover a style uniquely your own.

The beauty of these trends lies not just in their aesthetic appeal but in their versatility, offering ways to enhance your natural beauty or step into a bolder, more daring persona.

As we draw this post to a close, remember that the quintessence of summer makeup transcends the mere following of trends; it’s about finding joy in the act of transformation and self-expression.

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