18 Outstanding Workplace Outfits for Women (2024)

Navigating the world of workplace outfits for women in 2024 can be a stylish journey into executive suits, collared shirts, and the ever-evolving realm of business casual attire.

With the fashion landscape continuously shifting, understanding the balance between professional and trendy becomes key to curating your office wardrobe.

This post aims to ease that journey by showcasing 18 outstanding outfit ideas that blend functionality with fashion-forward sensibilities, ensuring you’re well-dressed for success in any professional setting.

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18 Outstanding Workplace Outfits for Women (2024)

1. Tailored pantsuit

When selecting a tailored pantsuit, your choices range widely from affordable to designer brands, each offering unique styles and fits that cater to various professional environments.


For those on a budget, brands like Banana Republic Factory and J.Crew Factory provide stylish options without breaking the bank.

Mid-range brands such as Ann Taylor and Banana Republic offer higher quality fabrics and more intricate designs, ideal for regular office wear.

Suiting Trends and Fabrics

2024 sees a vibrant mix of suiting trends that blend traditional styles with modern twists. Noteworthy trends include empowering hues like emerald green and royal blue, perfect for making a bold statement at work.

The fabric choices have also evolved, with a focus on comfort and year-round suitability. Seasonless wool, for instance, offers durability and comfort, making it an excellent choice for daily wear.

For those warmer months, linen and seersucker provide breathability without compromising on style.

Personalization and Accessories

To ensure the best fit and individuality, consider custom-tailored options from places like Sumissura, which offers a 3D configurator for personalizing your pantsuit down to the last detail.

Accessories also play a crucial role in elevating the look of your tailored pantsuit.

A pair of comfortable heels or stylish flats can complement your outfit, while subtle alterations like hemming the trousers or adjusting the waist can make a standard suit feel custom-made.

2. Pencil skirt and blouse

In 2024, the pencil skirt remains a staple in workplace outfits for women, celebrated for its versatility and timeless appeal.


This year, expect to see an array of styles from sleek patent leather to classic pinstripes, with animal prints like leopard making a bold statement. For a universally flattering and professional look, neutral colors such as beige are trending, providing a soft yet sophisticated base for any office ensemble.

Styling Your Pencil Skirt

Top Choices: Pair your pencil skirt with a flowy, loose-fitting top for a balanced silhouette. Recommended options include the Swing top or the Cotton V-neck by ANGIE + WES, or a stunning white blouse for a more formal appearance.

Footwear: Complement the outfit with heels to elevate the formal look, or opt for sneakers with a tucked-in graphic tee for a casual yet chic vibe.

Accessories: For a personalized touch, consider adding subtle accessories like a slim belt or a statement necklace to enhance the outfit’s elegance.

Pencil skirts cater to various body types and are available in different lengths and fabrics, making them a versatile choice for multiple settings beyond the office.

3. A-line dress

A-line dresses continue to be a popular choice for workplace outfits, especially noted for their flattering fit that suits various body types.


These dresses feature cinched waists and full-volume skirts, creating a silhouette that enhances the wearer’s shape while maintaining a professional appearance.

Customization Options

Sumissura provides extensive customization options for their A-line dresses. You can select from various neckline styles, sleeve lengths, and whether you prefer a high-waisted or standard waistline.

Additionally, the skirt length and style can be tailored to meet your preferences, making it a versatile choice for both conservative and more relaxed workplace environments.

The design process is user-friendly, allowing you to choose your fabric and style, then get measured using their detailed guide.

4. Midi skirt and knit top

For a sophisticated workplace ensemble, consider pairing a midi skirt with a knit top. This combination balances elegance with comfort, making it suitable for both office settings and after-work engagements.


Styling Your Midi Skirt and Knit Top

Color Coordination: Opt for a neutral-colored turtleneck, such as beige or gray, and match it with a pleated midi skirt in a complementary color. This pairing not only looks professional but also allows for versatility in accessorizing.

Material Choices: Select skirts made from heavier materials like wool or tweed for a more structured look that aligns with professional settings. For the knit top, a cashmere cardigan or sweater adds a layer of luxury and warmth, ideal for the cooler months.

Accessories: Keep accessories minimal. A pair of nude shoes and minimalist jewelry can enhance the outfit without overpowering it. Consider a slim leather belt to cinch the waist if the skirt is high-waisted.

5. Wide-leg pants and button-down shirt

Wide-leg pants are a classic and feminine wardrobe staple for women, suitable for various occasions, including chic office ensembles.


Pairing these pants with a button-down shirt forms a perfect combination of comfort and style, ideal for a busy workday.

Footwear and Accessory Pairings

Footwear Options: Wide-leg pants can be paired with different types of footwear such as flats for a comfortable day at the office, heels for a more formal look, or boots for a stylish winter outfit.

Accessories: To enhance the outfit, consider adding a slim leather belt or a statement piece of jewelry. Keeping accessories minimal yet impactful can elevate your overall office attire.

6. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have emerged as a versatile and stylish option for various professional and social settings.


Available in an array of styles such as formal, casual, and convertible, they cater to a wide range of tastes and occasions.

Key Features and Styles

Variety in Design: Whether you prefer a sleek, sleeveless look or the intricate wrap over and infinity designs, there’s a jumpsuit to match your style. The stretchy features accommodate comfort without sacrificing elegance.

Occasion Versatility: From weddings to cocktail parties and even as sophisticated office wear, the right jumpsuit can transition seamlessly across different events, making it a smart wardrobe investment.

Sizing and Material

Custom Fit: Brands like Top To Bottom | Fashion Lover And Creator offer jumpsuits tailored to personal measurements, ensuring a perfect fit for adult women who appreciate dark, feminine aesthetics or cute styles.

Fabric and Care: Typically made from 100% polyester, these jumpsuits are not only durable but also easy to maintain, being machine washable.

7. Sweater dress and tights

Sweater dresses emerge as a stylish and versatile option for your 2024 workplace wardrobe, especially during the colder months.


These dresses come in various lengths such as midi, long, and short, ensuring there is a style to suit every preference and office environment. The timeless appeal of sweater dresses makes them a flattering choice for various body shapes, enhancing your silhouette while keeping you warm.

How to Style Your Sweater Dress

Select the Right Length: Depending on your office’s dress code, choose a midi-length for a more conservative look or a short style for a casual day.

Pair with Tights or Leggings: For added warmth and a polished look, combine your sweater dress with tights. Opt for opaque materials during winter for better coverage and warmth.

Consider the Occasion: For everyday office wear, a sweater dress with covered shoulders and a wrapped skirt style works well. If transitioning to an evening event, a fitted sweater dress with feminine details can be ideal.

Footwear and Accessories

Booties and Heels: Match your sweater dress with black suede booties for a dressier look or mule heels for a sleek, corporate vibe. When selecting the heel, consider both the formality of your workplace and your comfort level.

Minimalist Jewelry: Enhance your outfit with subtle jewelry like a pair of stud earrings or a simple necklace to keep the look elegant and not overly busy.

8. Leather skirt and blouse

Leather skirts offer a unique blend of sophistication and edge, making them a superb choice for workplace outfits.


When paired with the right blouse, they create a look that’s both professional and stylish. Here are some top combinations and styling tips for incorporating leather skirts into your office wardrobe:

Top Combinations for Leather Skirts

Classic Professional: A brown midi pencil leather skirt paired with a sleek black blouse offers a refined and elegant look. This combination is perfect for meetings or any professional setting where you want to make a strong impression.

Bright and Bold: For those looking to add a pop of color, a bright red jumper paired with a leather skirt presents a trendy and energetic choice, suitable for both office and after-office events.

Casual Chic: A blush pink midi leather skirt combined with a striped shirt provides a softer, yet equally stylish work outfit option.

Styling Tips for Leather Skirts

Seasonal Adaptability: In warmer months, opt for lightweight blouses or shirts to pair with your leather skirt. As the temperature drops, consider layering with a warm polo neck or sweater, and don’t shy away from adding a structured blazer or leather jacket for extra warmth and style.

Footwear Pairings: Depending on your office’s dress code, leather skirts can be paired with classic pumps for a more formal look or ankle boots for a casual yet chic appearance.

Quality and Care

When selecting a leather skirt, choosing a higher quality brand is crucial as the material can wear differently over time. Regular maintenance and proper care will ensure your leather skirt remains a key piece in your wardrobe for years to come.

9. Wrap dress

The Astor Wrap Dress, a new arrival for 2024, is expertly crafted in NYC and embodies a fusion of femininity and professionalism.


Designed to wrap neatly above the bust, it provides ample coverage for the workplace without the need for additional layers like a camisole. This design choice not only enhances comfort but also maintains a sleek and polished look.

For those looking for variety, the marketplace offers several other notable wrap dresses. The Sivana wrap dress, made from eco-friendly bamboo and organic cotton, stands out for its comfort and sustainability.

On the luxurious end, the silk jersey wrap dress by Diane Von Furstenberg offers an opulent feel, perfect for high-stakes meetings or professional events.

Additionally, the Lulu’s Wrapped Up In Love Midi Dress features removable sash and flutter sleeves, adding a touch of whimsy to your work attire.

For plus-size options, the Standards & Practices Wrap Maxi Dress is tailored to flatter, ensuring style and comfort are not mutually exclusive.

Each of these dresses provides unique features and styling options, catering to a wide range of professional women looking to enhance their workplace wardrobe with stylish, functional, and versatile pieces.

Whether you’re drawn to the simplicity and elegance of the Astor Wrap Dress or the playful charm of the Lulu’s design, there’s a wrap dress to suit every taste and office environment.

10. Power suit

Double-breasted blazers are a timeless choice, offering sophistication and versatility. When selecting a double-breasted blazer, it’s essential to consider the occasion, your body shape, and skin tone to ensure a flattering fit.


These blazers can be paired with a variety of items, from flowy midi skirts and jeans to dress pants and dresses, making them a staple for any professional wardrobe.

For fabric choices, linen blazers are ideal for warmer days, while velvet and flannel are better suited for the colder months. To add a touch of personality, opt for blazers in bold colors or with patterns like checks, florals, or stripes.

Tailored blazers provide a neat, professional look, and those with a cinched waist, whether belted or tied, can flatter various body shapes. Faux leather blazers continue to be a popular choice, offering an edgy yet stylish option.

11. Cigarette pants and blazer

Cigarette pants paired with a blazer offer a sleek, tailored look that’s perfect for the modern workplace.


This set epitomizes the balance between professional rigidity and stylish flair, making it a smart choice for those looking to update their office attire.

Size Inclusivity and Material Quality

Universal Standard: Offers sizes from 00 to 40, ensuring that every woman finds her perfect fit.

Everlane and Theory: Provide stylish blazers and trousers that can be mixed and matched, creating a versatile and extensive wardrobe.

Banana Republic: Caters to petite sizes, ensuring those with smaller frames find their ideal fit without compromise.

J.Crew: Their sweater blazers are made from soft materials like cotton and Merino wool, perfect for staying stylish yet comfortable during the colder months.

Ann Taylor: Offers a variety of suit options that pair well with dresses and skirts, ideal for warmer weather conditions.

12. Pleated skirt and top

Pleated skirts, a delightful nod to the ’90s fashion revival, have surged back into style, offering a versatile and chic option for workplace attire.


These skirts come in a plethora of designs, from animal prints and florals to more avant-garde styles like patchwork and manga prints.

Styling Pleated Skirts for Work

Top Pairings: For a professional setting, you can pair pleated skirts with a range of tops depending on the desired look and office environment.

Classic blouses offer a refined look, while t-shirts can be styled for a more casual, creative office vibe. Sweaters make an excellent choice for cooler months, maintaining both comfort and style.

Seasonal Flexibility: Pleated skirts are not just limited to warm weather; they transition beautifully across seasons.

Footwear and Accessories: Complete your outfit with classic pumps to enhance the elegance of sheer lace skirts or opt for stylish flats for day-long comfort. Minimalist jewelry and a well-chosen handbag can elevate your overall look without overwhelming the outfit’s balance.

13. Culottes and blouse

Culottes have become a staple in women’s wardrobe, celebrated for their versatility and comfort. These wide-legged, cropped trousers offer a stylish alternative to traditional skirts and pants, making them perfect for warmer months.


For occasions that call for a more formal attire, silk blouses and heels make an excellent choice, elevating the outfit with a touch of elegance.

Recommended Brands and Styles

Several brands have embraced the culotte trend, offering a range of styles that cater to different tastes and occasions.

French Connection Belted Wide Leg Culottes: Ideal for a polished look, these culottes come with a belt that accentuates the waist.

Phase Eight Aubrielle Clean Crepe Culotte and Leyla Dark Wash Denim Culotte: These offer a clean, streamlined look, perfect for office wear or evening outings.

Jigsaw Seamed Denim Culotte: Best for casual days, these denim culottes are both comfortable and stylish.

Boden Clean Wide Crop: A versatile piece that works well with both casual and formal tops.

Nobody’s Child Black and White Floral Cropped Zeena Trousers: Adds a playful touch to your wardrobe with its floral pattern.

Sosandar Dogtooth Wide Leg Culottes and Karen Millen Fluid Tailored Longline Culottes: These patterns and cuts are ideal for making a fashion statement at work.

New Look Blue Wide Leg Crop Trousers, Roman Light Blue Tie Detail Stretch Waist Culottes, and White Stuff Samira Wide Leg Crop Trouser: These options are great for those looking for comfort without sacrificing style.

Styling Tips for Culottes

When styling culottes, the key is to maintain balance in your silhouette. High-waisted culottes paired with a tucked-in blouse can create an elongated, flattering look. Consider the following tips to enhance your culotte outfits:

Top Choices: Opt for form-fitting tops or those that can be neatly tucked in to avoid a bulky look.

Shoes: Heels can help elongate the legs, especially important when wearing wide-legged culottes. Alternatively, sleek flats or loafers can also complement the outfit well.

Accessories: Keep accessories minimal. A statement belt or a chic handbag can add just enough interest without overwhelming the look.

14. Knit dress and cardigan

A knit dress paired with a cardigan offers a versatile and stylish option for workplace attire, blending comfort with professional aesthetics.


For a polished yet comfortable outfit, consider a ribbed sweater dress in ivory, ideal for both home and professional settings.

Pair this with color-pop heels to add a vibrant touch to your ensemble, making it suitable for various office environments and even professional events.

Styling and Accessory Tips

Layering Options: To dress up or down, layer with a sleek, one-button blazer from Vince Camuto for a more formal look, or opt for a chunky J.Crew sweater for a relaxed, work-from-home vibe.

Belted Accents: Use a skinnier belt, like the Lauren plaque belt, to define the waist when pairing the knit dress with a blazer, enhancing the silhouette.

Footwear Choices: Consider the Goldy boots from Loeffler Randall for a chic finish, or select affordable alternatives from Naturalizer for practicality without sacrificing style.

For a contemporary update, try the Rails Geneva Cardigan, a short, striped button-up v-neck style, or the Treasure & Bond Clean Oversize Cardigan, which provides a relaxed, borrowed-from-the-boys vibe.

These can be worn buttoned-up for a neat look or unbuttoned for a more casual style. Whether opting for stripes, fair isle prints, or belted designs, cardigans can be a functional and fashionable addition to your wardrobe.

Cardigan Pairing Ideas

Denim Combinations: Match the length of your denim to the cardigan for a cohesive look. Shorter cardigans pair well with a variety of denim silhouettes, from wide-leg ankle jeans to pointed-toe ankle boots, updating the classic cardigan ensemble.

Material and Care: Most cardigans are made from materials that require specific care—hand wash or use a gentle cycle, and always lay flat to dry to maintain their shape and quality.

15. High-waisted trousers and blouse

High-waisted trousers are not just a fleeting trend; they have become a staple in workplace fashion. These trousers pair beautifully with various tops, from sleeveless blouses and vests to button-up shirts and blazers, offering versatility across all seasons.


The royal fashion scene, including style icons like Princess Victoria and Sofia of Sweden, often showcases these elegant pants, affirming their status in high fashion circles.

Celebrities like Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian have also been spotted in high-waisted dress pants, demonstrating their broad appeal and versatility.

Outfit Combinations and Styling Tips

Classic and Elegant: Pair high-waisted trousers with a draped neckline blouse for a look that screams sophistication. This outfit is perfect for making a strong professional impression.

Casual Yet Chic: For a less formal yet stylish option, combine high-waisted camouflage pants with a simple blouse or bodysuit. This combination is ideal for creative workplaces or casual Fridays.

Seasonal Flexibility: Match these trousers with a light blazer during warmer months or a cozy turtleneck sweater when the temperature drops. High-waisted trousers work well with both boots and mules, making them a year-round favorite.

Accessories to Enhance Your Look

Footwear: Opt for white or cream mules to maintain a light, professional appearance. In cooler months, switch to boots for added warmth and style.

Bags and Belts: A mango bucket bag can add a splash of color and functionality to your outfit, matching well with a similarly colored belt to tie the ensemble together.

Jewelry: Keep it simple with minimalist jewelry to complement the high-waisted look without overwhelming it.

16. Skinny jeans and blazer (Depending on office dress code)

Skinny jeans paired with blazers continue to be a popular choice for workplace outfits in 2024, offering a blend of comfort and style that suits various office environments.


Depending on your office dress code, this combination can be adapted to look either casual or more formal.

Versatile Combinations and Styling Tips

Tuxedo-Style Sophistication: For a more sophisticated look, pair skinny jeans with a tuxedo-style blazer. Complete this outfit with pointed sling-back kitten heels or classy ballet flats for an elegant touch.

Casual Yet Trendy: An oversized blazer with skinny jeans offers a relaxed yet fashionable option. This can be paired with flat knee-high boots or a simple white t-shirt underneath for a casual office day.

Classic and Chic: Combine skinny jeans with a button-up shirt and loafers for a timeless look that never goes out of style. This outfit is perfect for days when you need a balance between comfort and professionalism.

Top Outfit Enhancements

Express Bodysuit: Wearing an Express bodysuit under a blazer provides a smooth, seamless base that can be styled without a bra, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

Parisian Inspired: For a touch of European flair, style your skinny jeans with ballet flats and a classic trench coat, creating a chic, Parisian-inspired ensemble suitable for any professional setting.

Equestrian Look: Pairing skinny jeans with knee-high boots and an oversized blazer can give off an equestrian-inspired vibe, ideal for making a strong fashion statement at the office.

17. Tailored shorts and blouse (Depending on office dress code)

Short shorts are staging a stylish comeback, especially when paired with blazers or knits for a polished office look.


These shorts are crafted from 100% linen, featuring a high-waisted design, a gold logo zipper, and front seam stitch detailing that accentuates their tailored silhouette.

Care and Styling Suggestions

To maintain the pristine condition of these linen shorts, it’s recommended to machine wash them gently with cold water and lay them flat to dry.

Avoid using bleach to preserve the fabric’s quality and color. For a chic office ensemble, pair these shorts with a crisp white blouse and a blazer.

Alternatively, for a more relaxed weekend look, they work just as well with a tank top and sneakers. Emily McCarthy Clothing promotes dressing joyfully for all of life’s occasions, and these shorts certainly fit the bill.

18. Turtleneck and midi skirt

For a sleek and professional look that transitions effortlessly from office to evening, consider the classic combination of a turtleneck and midi skirt.


This pairing not only offers comfort but also exudes a polished aesthetic, making it a top choice for your workplace wardrobe.

Stylish and Professional Combinations

Marcella NYC Maria Turtleneck: This black turtleneck is distinguished by its elegant mesh panels, available at marcellanyc.com, providing a sophisticated base for layering.

Vinyl Look Midi Skirt: Embrace a trending style with a vinyl midi skirt. Its glossy finish adds a modern touch to the outfit, making it a standout choice for those looking to make a professional statement.

Belted Coat and Simple Heels: Complete the look with a belted coat and a pair of simple heels. This ensemble is not only trendy but also practical, ensuring you stay warm and stylish during the cooler months.

Elevating Your Outfit with Accessories

Blazer-Style Jacket from H&M: Add this oversized blazer for an extra layer of warmth and style. Its versatility allows it to be worn in both corporate and smart casual environments, paired with either a white button-down shirt or a graphic tee.

Fur Pattern Design: Elevate your turtleneck with a fur pattern design, adding an interesting texture and a touch of luxury to your overall look.


Throughout this guide, we have navigated the vast ocean of workplace outfits for women in 2024, presenting a plethora of options from tailored suits and pencil skirts to the elegance of A-line dresses and the chic simplicity of jumpsuits.

Each piece carefully selected not only champions the blend of comfort and style but also promotes versatility within professional settings.

The emphasis on personalization, whether through tailored fits or the careful selection of accessories, underscores the importance of individuality in workplace fashion.

The broad spectrum of choices highlighted across these eighteen categories demonstrates the dynamic nature of workwear for women, encouraging a shift towards more expressive and personalized office attire.

As we look towards the future of workplace fashion, it becomes clear that the lines between professional and personal style continue to blur, offering exciting opportunities for self-expression and creativity.

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