18 Beautiful Fall Hairstyle Ideas for Medium-Length Hair

Fall is the perfect time to switch up your hairstyle, especially if you have medium-length hair.

With the right Fall Hairstyle Ideas for Medium Length Hair, you can easily transition your look to match the warm, vibrant colors of the season.

In this post, you’ll see an array of 18 Fall Hairstyle Ideas offering both chic and practical options to highlight your fall looks.

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1. Headband Braid with Loose Curls

The Headband Braid with Loose Curls is your go-to style, perfect for both a casual coffee date and a stylish evening event.


This hairstyle starts with a simple braid along the crown of your head, acting as a built-in headband. This is not just any braid, though; it’s your canvas to express your autumnal spirit.

To achieve this look, begin by selecting a section of your hair at the front and braid it across the top of your head.

Once your braid is secure, let the rest of your hair cascade in loose curls, the kind that look like they’ve caught a gentle fall breeze.

2. Lived-in Lob with Textured Waves

This hairstyle is ideal if you’re looking to embody a carefree, effortlessly stylish vibe.


To achieve the Lived-in Lob with Textured Waves, start by washing your hair with a volumizing shampoo to give it a natural lift at the roots.

Once your hair is dry, use a large barrel curling iron to create loose waves. The key here is not to strive for perfection; the more natural and tousled the waves, the better.

After curling, run your fingers through your hair to break up the curls, which enhances the textured effect.

A light application of dry texturizing spray can add volume and help maintain the shape of the waves without making your hair feel heavy.

3. Textured Top Knot with Face-Framing Strands

Embrace the charm of autumn with a Textured Top Knot with Face-Framing Strands, a hairstyle that combines chic sophistication with a touch of casual elegance.


This style is perfect for those days when you want your hair up and out of the way yet still maintain an element of stylish flair.

To get this look, start by pulling your hair up into a high ponytail. Don’t worry about getting it too sleek or perfect; the beauty of this style lies in its texture.

Once your ponytail is secure, twist it around the base to form a loose, messy bun. Secure the bun with some hairpins, making sure to let a few strands casually fall around your face to soften the look.

These face-framing strands are key to adding a more relaxed vibe to the otherwise structured top knot.

They frame your face beautifully, highlighting your features while giving off a more laid-back and approachable appearance.

5. Messy Bun with Fall Hair Accessories (ribbons, leaves)

As the crisp, cool air of fall sets in, why not embrace the season’s spirit with a Messy Bun with Fall Hair Accessories like ribbons and leaves?


This hairstyle is not just about keeping your hair out of your face; it’s about celebrating the essence of autumn in a playful and stylish way.

To get started, gather your medium length hair into a high or low ponytail—whichever you prefer. Don’t worry about it being neat; the charm of this look is its carefree and effortless vibe.

Twist the ponytail around the base to create a bun, securing it with hairpins. Remember, it’s okay if some strands escape or if the bun looks a bit tousled—that’s part of the allure.

Now, for the fun part—accessorizing! Integrate small autumn leaves, either real or artificial, into your bun.

These can be pinned around the base or tucked into the loops of the bun for a more integrated look.

6. Pumpkin Spice Latte Hair Color

Embrace the cozy vibes of autumn with the Pumpkin Spice Latte Hair Color, a stunning blend of warm copper and auburn highlights that captures the essence of your favorite fall beverage.


This hair color is not just a style but an autumnal experience, weaving together shades of coppery redauburn brown, and strawberry blonde.

It’s perfect for those who wish to add a spicy touch to their look with hues that remind one of falling leaves and pumpkin spice.

For those of you with fair skin, choosing pumpkin spice hair with vibrant copper and orange tones will make your complexion pop, as these colors stand out beautifully against lighter skin.

If you’re looking for a subtler option, darker auburn and cinnamon orange shades provide a rich contrast, leaning more towards red and brown, which can be equally mesmerizing.

Those with darker skin tones aren’t left out of this autumn adventure. Opt for shades like honey and deep amber to complement your complexion.

7. Loose French Braid with Ribbon Accent

Imagine weaving a touch of elegance into your fall hairstyle with a Loose French Braid with Ribbon Accent.

This style is perfect for adding a romantic flair to your autumn ensembles, combining the classic charm of a French braid with the playful addition of a ribbon.

To create this look, start by brushing your medium length hair to remove any tangles. Begin braiding at the crown of your head, gradually incorporating larger sections of hair as you work your way down.

Keep the braid relatively loose to achieve a more relaxed and flowing appearance. When you reach the nape of your neck, secure the braid with a small elastic.

Now, the fun part: choose a ribbon that complements your outfit or the vibrant fall colors. Weave the ribbon through the braid, starting from the top and finishing at the bottom, tying it off in a bow or letting the ends dangle for a whimsical touch.

8. Waterfall Braid with Autumn Leaves Hair Clips

Capture the enchanting beauty of fall with a Waterfall Braid with Autumn Leaves Hair Clips, a hairstyle that beautifully merges elegance with the whimsical touch of nature.

This look is not only eye-catching but also wonderfully symbolic of the season, making it perfect for any autumnal event or casual day out.

To achieve this delightful style, start by creating a waterfall braid on one side of your head. This involves allowing sections of hair to flow freely down through the braid like a cascading waterfall, which gives this hairstyle its name and distinctive look.

As you braid around the crown of your head, gradually incorporate more hair and let the strands fall through the braid to create the waterfall effect.

Once your braid is in place, enhance the autumnal theme by adorning your hair with Autumn Leaves Hair Clips. Choose clips that mimic the rich, warm colors of fall leaves—think deep reds, vibrant oranges, and golden yellows.

Strategically place these clips along the braid and in the flowing strands to mimic leaves falling through your hair, adding a magical and festive touch to your style.

9. Low Ponytail with Chunky Braid Detail

For a chic and understated fall hairstyle, the Low Ponytail with Chunky Braid Detail is a superb choice.

This style is not only easy to create but also adds an elegant twist to your everyday look, making it perfect for both office days and evening outings.

To get this look, start by pulling your medium length hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.

Make sure to smooth out any bumps for a sleek appearance, but keep a little looseness at the crown to add a touch of softness to the overall look.

Once your ponytail is secure, take a section of hair from underneath and braid it into a thick, chunky braid. This braid shouldn’t be too tight; a slightly loose braid adds a modern touch and keeps the style from looking too polished or severe.

Wrap this braid around the base of your ponytail, securing it with hairpins. This detail not only conceals the hair tie but also provides a focal point that elevates the simplicity of a low ponytail into something more intricate and styled.

If you have layers or shorter strands that tend to escape, allow them to fall freely around your face. These can soften your features and add a playful, romantic vibe to your look.

10. Deep Side Part with Loose Curls

Embrace the effortless elegance of fall with the Deep Side Part with Loose Curls, a hairstyle that perfectly captures the essence of autumn’s laid-back yet sophisticated vibe.


This look is ideal for those who want to add a touch of glamour to their everyday style or dazzle during seasonal events.

To achieve this look, start by creating a deep side part on your preferred side. This parting not only accentuates your facial features but also adds an element of drama to the overall style.

Once your part is set, use a curling iron to add loose curls to your medium length hair. The key here is to curl away from your face, which opens up your features and provides a flattering frame to your face.

After curling, gently run your fingers through the curls to loosen them, giving your hair a more relaxed and natural wave.

11. Voluminous Blowout with Textured Ends

Step into the season with a Voluminous Blowout with Textured Ends, the perfect hairstyle to give your medium length hair a boost of volume while keeping it effortlessly chic for fall.

This style not only adds a touch of glamour but also enhances your hair’s natural movement, making it a fantastic choice for both day and night events throughout the season.

To achieve this look, start by applying a volumizing mousse to your damp hair. This will help to lift your roots and provide the necessary structure for a voluminous finish.

Use a round brush while blow-drying to gently pull your hair upwards from the roots, creating that desired volume. Focus on lifting at the crown to really maximize the effect.

Once your hair is dry, switch to a smaller brush or a curling iron to work on the ends. Twist the ends of your hair outward to create a textured look that’s both playful and polished.

12. Half-Up Half-Down with Messy Bun Twist

For a playful yet sophisticated fall hairstyle, the Half-Up Half-Down with Messy Bun Twist is a delightful choice.


This style perfectly balances elegance with a casual twist, making it suitable for both a day at the office or a festive autumn gathering.

To create this look, start by gathering the top half of your medium length hair into a ponytail. Keep the pull gentle to avoid a too-tight appearance, which helps maintain a softer look.

Once secured, twist the ponytail into a messy bun. The key here is to allow some strands to loosely escape, giving that effortlessly chic vibe that’s perfect for fall.

Secure the bun with pins, ensuring it holds well but still keeps its tousled appearance. The charm of this hairstyle lies in its imperfection, making it look as though you’ve quickly put it together, adding to its allure.

13. Dutch Braids with Loose Ends

For a charming twist on traditional braids, the Dutch Braids with Loose Ends offer a playful yet elegant look, ideal for your autumn adventures.


This hairstyle starts with the classic Dutch braid technique, which is essentially an inverted French braid where the strands are crossed under rather than over, giving it a prominent, 3D appearance.

Begin by parting your medium length hair down the middle. Start braiding from the front, close to your forehead, and work your way back.

As you braid, add small sections of hair to each strand from the sides, ensuring the braid is tight and neat. When you reach the nape of your neck, continue braiding a few inches more, then secure the braid with a small band.

Now for the unique touch: leave the ends of your braids loose. The length of the loose ends can vary depending on your preference or the occasion.

These flowing ends will add a soft, whimsical feel to the structured braids. For a more festive or autumnal look, you might consider curling these ends slightly to add texture and volume.

14. Crimped Hair with Textured Headband

Step back in time with a modern twist on the classic crimped hair style, complemented by a textured headband for an added flair this fall.

This playful yet chic look is perfect for adding volume and interest to your medium length hair, making it a standout style for any autumn occasion.

To achieve the crimped hair look, you’ll start by sectioning your dry hair. Use a crimping iron on each section, pressing down for a few seconds to create that iconic zigzag texture.

The key is to crimp from the roots to the ends, ensuring that each section is well-defined for maximum effect.

Once your hair is fully crimped, it’s time to soften the style with a textured headband. Choose a headband with autumnal textures like velvet or leather, and perhaps some embellishments like beads or embroidery to really embrace the season’s trends.

Place the headband just a couple of inches back from your hairline, pushing some of the crimped hair back while allowing the rest to frame your face beautifully.

15. Messy Fishtail Braid with Fall Hair Clip

For a uniquely autumnal twist on a classic style, consider the Messy Fishtail Braid with Fall Hair Clip. This hairstyle is not only trendy but also adds a playful, rustic charm to your fall wardrobe, making it perfect for seasonal outings or casual get-togethers.

To start, gather your medium length hair to one side and begin braiding it into a fishtail. Unlike a traditional braid where you use three strands, a fishtail braid involves dividing your hair into two sections and alternately pulling small pieces from each section over to the other.

Don’t worry about keeping it too neat; the beauty of this style lies in its messiness.

Once your braid is complete, loosen it slightly by tugging at the edges. This will give your fishtail braid a fuller, more textured look, enhancing the casual, undone vibe that’s perfect for autumn.

To secure the braid and add a seasonal touch, clip a fall-themed hair clip—perhaps one shaped like an autumn leaf or an acorn—at the base or weave it through the braid itself.

16. Textured Ponytail with Scarf Tie

For a chic and playful addition to your fall hairstyle repertoire, the Textured Ponytail with Scarf Tie offers a stylish yet easy way to elevate your everyday look.

This hairstyle is perfect for those days when you want something a little more special than a plain ponytail but still need the practicality of having your hair tied back.

To create this look, start by adding some texture to your medium length hair. You can achieve this by using a texturizing spray or mousse, applying it to your damp hair and then scrunching your hair as it dries.

This will give your hair a bit more body and grip, making it easier to style. Once your hair is dry, pull it back into a ponytail at the nape of your neck or higher, depending on your preference.

The key feature of this hairstyle is the scarf tie. Select a scarf that complements the colors of your outfit or one that adds a pop of autumn color.

Silk or satin scarves work beautifully as they have a nice sheen and are gentle on your hair. Fold the scarf lengthwise to create a thin strip and then wrap it around your ponytail, tying it in a bow or knot at the bottom for a touch of whimsy.

17. Inverted French Braid with Loose Waves

Embrace a twist on the classic with the Inverted French Braid with Loose Waves, a hairstyle that perfectly combines elegance with a relaxed vibe, making it ideal for your autumn outings.


This style starts with an inverted French braid, also known as a Dutch braid, where instead of braiding strands over each other, you braid them under.

This technique allows the braid to sit prominently on top of your hair, creating a striking and voluminous look.

To begin, you’ll want to brush your medium length hair to ensure it’s smooth and tangle-free. Start at the nape of your neck, picking up three small sections of hair and proceed to braid them under one another, gradually adding more hair to each section as you move towards the crown of your head.

Once you reach the crown, you can either continue the braid down the length of your hair or secure it with a hair tie.

After securing the braid, use a curling iron to add loose waves to the remaining hair. This not only adds a playful, carefree flair to the overall look but also beautifully complements the structured braid.

The contrast between the tight braid and the flowing waves will give your hairstyle a dynamic and stylish edge that’s perfect for any fall activity, from a casual coffee date to a more formal event.

18. Textured Chignon with Fall Hair Pins

For a sophisticated yet seasonal look, consider the Textured Chignon with Fall Hair Pins. This hairstyle exudes elegance and is perfect for any fall occasion, from weddings to casual gatherings.

To start, you’ll want to gather your medium length hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Ensure the ponytail is loose enough to allow some texture and volume in the hair above the elastic.

Next, twist the ponytail into a bun, securing it with hairpins as you go. Don’t aim for perfection here; the goal is to create a soft, textured look.

Allow some strands to escape freely to add to the effortless vibe of the chignon. This style is not only beautiful but also practical, keeping your hair neatly in place during the brisk autumn weather.

To truly embrace the fall spirit, enhance your chignon with Fall Hair Pins. Choose pins that feature autumn motifs like leaves, acorns, or even small branches.

Place these pins strategically throughout the bun to add a touch of whimsical charm and to celebrate the season’s natural beauty.

Final Thoughts

Through the exploration of 18 Beautiful Fall Hairstyle Ideas for Medium Length Hair, we’ve ventured across a landscape rich in creativity and elegance, perfect for embracing the autumn season’s essence.

Each idea serves as an invitation to experiment with your hair, allowing you to express your autumnal spirit in both bold and subtle ways.

Embracing these hairstyles means stepping into autumn not just with a new look, but with a renewed sense of confidence.

Let these hairstyle ideas inspire you to welcome the changing seasons not just with a change in wardrobe, but with a fresh, vibrant approach to how you wear your hair.

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