25 Modest Casual Fall Outfits for A Chic Autumn Look

Autumn leaves start to fall and the air turns crisper, your wardrobe naturally demands a transition to warmer, more comfortable attire.

This is where Modest Casual Fall Outfits come into play, offering a blend of style, comfort, and modesty that suits the season perfectly.

The significance of these outfits goes beyond just seasonal trendiness; they represent a timeless approach to dressing that respects individual comfort levels while keeping in sync with the changing weather.

In this post, we’ll explore 25 modest fall outfit ideas that are sure to inspire your autumn wardrobe.

Get ready to elevate your autumnal style with outfits that blend modesty, fashion, and the seasonal spirit of fall.

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1. Cashmere Beanie + Flannel Shirt + Jeans

For a quintessential autumn ensemble that marries comfort with style, consider pairing a cashmere beanieflannel shirt, and jeans.


This combination not only keeps you warm as the temperature dips but also ensures you stay stylishly at ease whether you’re enjoying a casual day out or a relaxed evening walk.

The cashmere beanie adds a touch of luxury and warmth to your head, crucial for those brisk fall days. Meanwhile, the flannel shirt provides a classic, rustic charm that’s both versatile and trendy.

Opt for a shirt in earth tones such as deep reds, greens, or blues to truly embrace the fall spirit. Pair these with your favorite jeans—whether they’re skinny, straight, or boyfriend fit—to complete a look that’s effortlessly chic.

2. Long Sleeve Thermal + A-Line Skirt

For a stylish yet modest fall outfit, consider the classic pairing of a long sleeve thermal with an A-line skirt. This combination offers both comfort and style, making it perfect for those chilly autumn days.


The long sleeve thermal serves as a practical base layer, providing warmth without bulkiness. Its snug fit allows for easy layering, ensuring you stay cozy throughout the day.

On the other hand, the A-line skirt introduces a touch of femininity and movement to your outfit. Opt for skirts in seasonal colors like burgundy, forest green, or deep navy to truly embrace the autumn palette.

Together, these pieces create a harmonious look that encapsulates modest fall fashion. Accessorize with a simple scarf or a pair of boots to enhance your outfit further, making it ideal for everything from office hours to weekend outings.

3. Denim Jacket + Floral Midi Dress

For a delightful autumn ensemble that perfectly balances warmth with a feminine touch, consider pairing a denim jacket with a floral midi dress.


This combination offers a stylish contrast between the ruggedness of the denim and the soft, flowing lines of the floral dress, making it an excellent choice for those transitional autumn days when the weather can be unpredictable.

The denim jacket serves as a versatile layer that not only adds a casual coolness to your outfit but also provides necessary warmth as the temperatures start to drop.

Choose a jacket that fits well but allows for comfortable layering. On the other hand, the floral midi dress brings a splash of color and pattern to the mix, keeping the look vibrant and lively.

Opt for dresses with autumnal hues like oranges, yellows, and browns to really embrace the season’s palette.

This outfit is perfect for a variety of occasions, from a weekend brunch with friends to a casual day at the office.

It’s easy to accessorize with a pair of ankle boots and a simple crossbody bag to enhance your look further, making it both practical and chic.

4. Shacket + Slip Dress + Tights

The shacket, a blend between a shirt and a jacket, offers a lightweight yet cozy layer that’s perfect for the crisp autumn air.


It’s ideal for those days when it’s not too cold but you still need an extra layer. Opt for a cream shacket to keep the look soft and versatile, or choose a flannel shacket for a more rustic appeal.

The slip dress is a timeless piece that exudes simplicity and elegance. It’s the perfect base for layering, and when the temperature dips, adding a pair of opaque black tights provides both warmth and style.

For a truly chic autumn look, consider layering a thin turtleneck underneath your slip dress. This not only adds an extra layer of warmth but also transforms the dress, making it suitable for cooler weather.

Finish off your ensemble with some chunky heels or moto boots for an added edge, or keep it casual with ankle boots.

5. Turtleneck Sweater + Leather Pants

When you’re looking to create an outfit that screams both sophistication and edge, pairing a turtleneck sweater with leather pants is a match made in fashion heaven for the fall season.


The turtleneck sweater is a staple for its comfort and ability to keep you warm on those cooler days. It’s perfect for giving you a sleek silhouette while maintaining your modesty. Choose a sweater in classic colors like black, grey, or cream for maximum versatility.

On the other hand, leather pants bring a bold and chic element to your ensemble. They are not only trendy but also practical, providing an extra layer of warmth.

The sleek texture of the leather contrasts beautifully with the softness of the turtleneck, creating a dynamic and visually appealing look. Opt for pants with a comfortable fit, ensuring they are not too tight but still flattering to your figure.

This combination allows you to play with textures and layers, making it ideal for various autumn occasions, from a day at the office to an evening out with friends.

Accessorize with simple jewelry and a pair of ankle boots to elevate your style further. This outfit encapsulates the essence of modest fall outfits, blending fashion-forward trends with classic comfort and warmth.

6. Long Sleeve Tee + Midi Skirt with Slit

This outfit combination strikes a delightful balance between casual and dressy, making it versatile for both office wear and weekend outings.


The long sleeve tee serves as a cozy base layer that keeps you warm and comfortable. Opt for tees in neutral colors like beige, white, or grey to maintain a soft, autumnal feel.

The midi skirt with a slit not only adds a hint of allure but also enhances mobility, making it a practical choice for your busy days.

The slit detail introduces a subtle, stylish element without compromising the modesty of the outfit. Skirts in rich fall colors such as burgundy, navy, or forest green can beautifully complement the simplicity of the long sleeve tee.

Accessorize this outfit with a pair of low-heeled boots and a matching handbag to elevate your style. This look embodies the essence of modest fall outfits, ensuring you stay fashion-forward while embracing the cooler weather.

7. Cozy Crewneck Sweatshirt + Midi Skirt

For a comfortable yet stylish look this fall, why not pair a cozy crewneck sweatshirt with a midi skirt?


This combination strikes the perfect balance between casual comfort and chic elegance, making it ideal for a variety of autumn activities.

The crewneck sweatshirt provides warmth and a relaxed feel, perfect for those cooler days. Opt for a sweatshirt in soft, neutral colors like oatmeal, heather gray, or pastel shades to keep the look light and versatile.

The midi skirt adds a touch of sophistication and can be chosen in a range of materials from flowy chiffon to structured denim, depending on the occasion.

For a more laid-back vibe, a jersey or knit skirt works wonderfully, offering both comfort and style. The length of the midi skirt is perfect for maintaining modesty while still showing off your favorite fall boots or stylish sneakers

8. Flannel Shirt + Jeans

This outfit combines the comfort of your favorite jeans with the laid-back vibe of a flannel shirt, creating a look that’s both functional and fashionable.


Choose a flannel shirt in classic plaid patterns like red and black or blue and green to channel true fall spirit. Tying the shirt at the waist adds a playful twist and helps define your silhouette, making it more flattering and distinct.

The jeans can be any style that suits your preference, from skinny to straight-leg, depending on what you find most comfortable and flattering.

It’s perfect for a casual day out, a coffee run, or even a relaxed gathering with friends. Add a pair of sneakers or ankle boots, and you’re ready to enjoy all that autumn has to offer with confidence and ease.

9. Turtleneck Sweater + Corduroy Pants

When you’re aiming for a cozy yet stylish autumn look, combining a turtleneck sweater with corduroy pants is a fantastic choice.


The turtleneck sweater is not just about warmth; it’s about creating a sleek, streamlined silhouette that enhances your style quotient.

Opt for neutral or autumnal shades like caramel, burgundy, or classic black to keep your outfit versatile and season-appropriate.

Corduroy pants, with their textured fabric, add an interesting dimension to your ensemble while providing extra warmth on chilly days.

They are perfect for adding a touch of retro flair to your modern wardrobe. The soft ridges of the corduroy work beautifully with the smoothness of the turtleneck, offering a contrast that’s both visually appealing and comfortable.

This outfit combination is ideal for a variety of settings, from a casual day at the office to a weekend outing.

It’s easy to accessorize with a pair of ankle boots or loafers and a matching handbag, ensuring you look polished and put-together.

10. Long Sleeve Tee + Faux Leather Leggings

This outfit choice offers a smooth transition from the warm days of summer to the cooler, brisk atmosphere of fall, providing both style and comfort without compromising on modesty.


The long sleeve tee is your go-to for a relaxed yet put-together look, ideal for layering under jackets or sweaters as temperatures fluctuate. Choose tees in soft, earthy tones like olive, taupe, or classic black to echo the natural palette of the season.

On the other hand, faux leather leggings bring an edge to your outfit, adding a sleek, modern twist that elevates the entire look.

Pair this outfit with comfortable ankle boots or sneakers for a day out, or switch to heeled boots for an evening look.

Accessorize minimally with a simple watch or a slender bracelet to keep the focus on the outfit’s clean lines and stylish simplicity. This look proves that you can stay cozy and chic with modest fall outfits that are both trendy and timeless.

11. Denim Jacket + Maxi Dress

For a look that effortlessly transitions through the varying temperatures of fall, combining a denim jacket with a maxi dress provides both comfort and style.


This pairing is perfect for those days when you need an extra layer without sacrificing elegance. The denim jacket adds a casual, yet chic touch, making it versatile for different occasions, whether you’re running errands or meeting friends for brunch.

The maxi dress, with its long, flowing fabric, offers a graceful silhouette that flatters any body type while ensuring you stay warm.

Choose a dress with floral or autumnal prints to enhance the seasonal vibe. The beauty of this combination lies in its simplicity and the ability to mix textures and layers seamlessly.

Accessorize with a pair of comfortable boots and perhaps a stylish hat to round off your autumn look.

12. High-Waisted Jeans + Chunky Knit Cardigan

When you’re looking for a cozy yet stylish ensemble that’s perfect for the brisk autumn days, pairing high-waisted jeans with a chunky knit cardigan is a fantastic choice.


The high-waisted jeans offer a flattering fit that elongates your legs and accentuates your waist, making them a versatile staple in your fall wardrobe.

They provide both comfort and a sleek silhouette, allowing you to move freely and stay cozy throughout the day.

Adding a chunky knit cardigan introduces an element of texture and warmth. Choose a cardigan in rich, autumnal colors like rust, mustard, or olive green to really bring out the essence of the season.

13. Sweater Dress + Tights

Embrace the essence of autumn with a classic combination of a sweater dress and tights. This outfit choice is not only comfortable but also incredibly stylish, making it perfect for those chilly fall days.


The sweater dress offers a cozy feel while providing enough elegance to be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Opt for a dress in rich, warm colors like burgundy, forest green, or deep navy to truly capture the spirit of the season.

Pairing the dress with tights not only adds an extra layer of warmth but also brings a sleek, polished look to your ensemble.

You can choose opaque tights in black or a complementary color to your dress, which not only keeps you warm but also elongates your legs, creating a beautifully streamlined silhouette.

14. Printed Sweater + Black Jeans

When you’re aiming to strike a perfect balance between comfort and style this fall, pairing a printed sweater with black jeans is a stellar choice.


This outfit not only keeps you warm as the chill sets in but also ensures you look effortlessly trendy. Opt for a sweater adorned with bold prints or subtle patterns to inject some personality into your autumn wardrobe.

The black jeans serve as a sleek counterpoint, making this ensemble versatile enough for both casual outings and more formal events.

The beauty of this combination lies in its simplicity and the endless possibilities for accessorizing. You can throw on a pair of boots for a chic look or sneakers for a more relaxed vibe.

Add a scarf for an extra layer of warmth, or a statement bag to bring an additional pop of style to your outfit.

15. Long Sleeve Henley + Midi Skirt with Pockets

For a look that combines ease and practicality with a touch of elegance, try pairing a long sleeve Henley with a midi skirt that features pockets.


This outfit choice is perfect for those autumn days when you want to feel both comfortable and stylish.

The long sleeve Henley provides a casual yet refined look, making it a versatile piece for your wardrobe. Its button detailing adds a subtle interest to the simplicity of the outfit, allowing you to adjust the neckline according to your comfort and style preference.

The midi skirt with pockets not only brings a stylish flair but also introduces an element of functionality, perfect for stashing small items like your phone or keys.

Choose a skirt in soft, autumnal colors such as olive, mustard, or a rich burgundy to complement the earthy tones of the season. The addition of pockets enhances the practicality of the skirt, making it an ideal choice for a busy day out.

16. Shacket (Shirt Jacket) + Leggings

For a relaxed yet trendy autumn outfit, combining a shacket (shirt jacket) with leggings is a superb choice.


The shacket strikes a perfect balance between a shirt’s casualness and a jacket’s warmth, making it an ideal outer layer for those not-so-cold autumn days.

It’s lightweight enough to keep you comfortable without the bulkiness of a heavy coat and stylish enough to elevate your casual wear. Choose a shacket in earthy tones like olive, tan, or rust to really capture the essence of fall.

Leggings, on the other hand, offer unbeatable comfort and flexibility, making them perfect for a busy day.

Whether you’re running errands or enjoying a leisurely park walk, leggings allow you to move freely while keeping you snug.

Pair them with a long-line shacket for a look that is both practical and polished. This outfit not only meets the criteria for modest fall outfits but also ensures you stay warm and stylish with minimal effort.

Add a pair of sturdy boots and perhaps a soft, knitted beanie to complete your chic, autumn-ready ensemble.

17. Cashmere Crewneck + A-Line Skirt

When you’re looking for a classic and elegant outfit that transitions smoothly from a busy workday to a casual evening out, pairing a cashmere crewneck with an A-line skirt is an excellent choice.


The cashmere crewneck offers a luxurious feel and provides substantial warmth, making it a perfect top for the cooler days of fall.

Its soft texture and comfortable fit ensure that you stay cozy all day long. Opt for neutral shades like beige, gray, or navy to keep the look versatile and easy to accessorize.

The A-line skirt complements the crewneck by adding a feminine touch with its flared design. It’s a great piece for highlighting your waist and creating a balanced silhouette.

Choose skirts in solid colors or with subtle patterns to maintain a modest and sophisticated appearance. This type of skirt not only enhances your style but also keeps the outfit grounded in modest fall fashion.

Add a pair of leather ankle boots and a matching tote bag to elevate your look further, making it ideal for the autumn season.

18. Turtleneck Sweater + Wide-Leg Pants

When you’re looking to strike a balance between comfort and chic this fall, pairing a turtleneck sweater with wide-leg pants is a stylish choice.


The turtleneck sweater offers warmth and a sleek profile, making it a versatile piece for cooler weather. Opt for classic colors like cream, black, or gray to maintain a sophisticated look that can transition from day to evening effortlessly.

Wide-leg pants add a modern twist to your outfit, providing comfort without sacrificing style. These pants are not only trendy but also flattering, as they help elongate your legs and give you a statuesque appearance.

Choose fabrics like wool or a wool blend to keep warm and add a touch of luxury to your look.

This combination is perfect for a variety of settings, from office environments to casual outings. You can accessorize with a simple belt to define your waist and add structure to the outfit.

Complete the look with a pair of ankle boots or loafers for a polished, autumn-ready ensemble. This outfit exemplifies modest fall fashion, allowing you to stay both warm and stylish throughout the season.

19. Long Sleeve Thermal + Faux Leather Skirt

For a sleek and stylish autumn look that blends comfort with a dash of edginess, consider pairing a long sleeve thermal with a faux leather skirt.


This outfit choice offers a fantastic blend of practical warmth and chic style, making it ideal for those cooler fall days.

The long sleeve thermal provides a snug, comforting layer that keeps you warm without adding bulk, allowing for a streamlined silhouette that’s both flattering and functional.

The faux leather skirt adds a bold, fashionable twist to your ensemble. Its sleek material not only catches the eye but also pairs beautifully with the simplicity of the thermal top.

Opt for a skirt in classic black or a rich autumnal shade like burgundy to make a real style statement. This combination is perfect for a variety of occasions, from office settings to evening outings, proving that you can stay warm while looking absolutely fabulous.

Accessorize this look with some ankle boots and a cozy scarf to enhance your outfit further, ensuring you remain stylish and comfortable throughout your day.

20. Flannel Shirt (unbuttoned) + Tank Top + High-Waisted Jeans

For a relaxed yet undeniably stylish autumn look, try combining an unbuttoned flannel shirt with a tank top and high-waisted jeans.


This ensemble is perfect for those days when you want to achieve a casual, effortless vibe without compromising on style.

The flannel shirt, worn unbuttoned, acts as a light, cozy layer that’s both functional and fashionable. Choose a shirt in classic plaid or a fall-inspired color palette to really embrace the season’s trends.

Underneath, the tank top serves as a comfortable base layer, ideal for those warmer fall days or when you’re layering up against the chill.

It’s simple yet versatile, making it a great piece to have in your autumn wardrobe. Pair these with high-waisted jeans that not only enhance your silhouette but also add a touch of chic to the casual outfit.

High-waisted jeans are fantastic for creating a flattering figure, and they pair beautifully with the loose fit of the flannel shirt.

21. Sweatshirt Dress + Leggings

For a cozy yet effortlessly stylish look this fall, why not try a sweatshirt dress paired with leggings? This outfit is perfect for those days when you want to feel snug and warm yet look put-together.


The sweatshirt dress offers a relaxed fit, making it incredibly comfortable for all-day wear. Its longer length ensures modesty while providing the ease of a dress.

You can choose from a variety of colors like deep burgundy, classic gray, or rich forest green to match the autumn vibe.

Leggings, on the other hand, add a sleek and practical element to your outfit. They are perfect for adding warmth under the dress and offer flexibility and comfort, whether you’re running errands or enjoying a casual meet-up.

This combination not only keeps you warm as the temperatures drop but also maintains a chic look that’s versatile for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Accessorize with a pair of sturdy ankle boots and a cozy scarf to complete your autumn ensemble. This look is ideal for transitioning from a relaxed day at home to an impromptu coffee date, ensuring you stay stylish without sacrificing comfort.

22. Cardigan + Midi Slip Dress

When you’re aiming for a look that’s both comfortable and elegant this fall, consider pairing a cardigan with a midi slip dress.


The cardigan offers a cozy, versatile layer that’s perfect for the unpredictable weather of autumn. It’s ideal for adding just the right amount of warmth without overwhelming your outfit.

Choose a cardigan in a soft, neutral color like beige or gray to maintain a subtle, sophisticated look.

The midi slip dress, on the other hand, provides a smooth, flowing silhouette that exudes femininity and grace.

Its lightweight fabric makes it comfortable to wear, while the midi length ensures it remains modest. Opt for a slip dress in a solid color or a gentle floral pattern to enhance the autumnal feel of your ensemble.

To complete your look, accessorize with a pair of ankle boots and perhaps a simple necklace, ensuring you look polished and chic without effort. This outfit truly captures the essence of autumnal style, blending comfort with classy aesthetics.

23. T-Shirt + High-Waisted Mom Jeans + Denim Jacket

For a laid-back yet trendy autumn look, consider the classic trio of a T-shirthigh-waisted mom jeans, and a denim jacket.


This combination is ideal for those days when you want to achieve a casual, effortless style without giving up on being chic.

The T-shirt serves as a versatile base layer, which you can choose in a variety of colors or perhaps with a catchy print to add a personal touch to your outfit.

High-waisted mom jeans are perfect for creating a flattering silhouette while providing comfort and style. They pair wonderfully with the T-shirt, tucking it in to accentuate your waist and enhance the casual yet polished vibe.

To top off the ensemble, throw on a denim jacket. This piece is not just a stylish addition; it also adds an extra layer of warmth for those cooler fall days.

The simplicity and comfort of this outfit make it a go-to choice for your autumn wardrobe, embodying the essence of modest fall outfits with a touch of timeless fashion.

24. Sweater Vest + Button-Down Shirt (layered) + Jeans

For a look that effortlessly combines classic style with autumnal comfort, layering a sweater vest over a button-down shirt, paired with jeans, is an excellent choice.


This ensemble offers a touch of preppy charm mixed with casual ease, making it perfect for a variety of occasions this fall.

The sweater vest acts as a stylish focal point, providing warmth without the bulk of a full sweater, while the button-down shirt underneath adds a crisp, clean look that’s both smart and comfortable.

Choose a sweater vest in a solid color like navy or grey to keep the look versatile, or opt for a patterned design to add more personality to your outfit.

The jeans bring a relaxed vibe to the ensemble, making it ideal for casual outings or a laid-back day at the office. This outfit not only adheres to modest fall fashion but also allows for easy movement and comfort throughout your day.

25. Long Sleeve Tee + Corduroy Overalls

For a delightful blend of comfort and style this autumn, why not try pairing a long sleeve tee with corduroy overalls?


This outfit choice is not only comfortable but also adds a touch of playful charm to your modest fall outfits.

The long sleeve tee is perfect for those cooler days, providing an extra layer of warmth under the overalls. You can choose a tee in a neutral shade like white or gray to keep the look soft and understated.

The corduroy overalls bring a fun, vintage vibe to the ensemble. They are not only stylish but also practical, offering warmth and a bit of texture to your outfit.

Opt for overalls in classic autumn colors like deep burgundy, navy, or a rich forest green to fully embrace the season’s palette.

Final Thoughts

The 25 outfit combinations discussed provide a diverse range of options that cater to various tastes and occasions, ensuring that you can stay true to your modest style preferences while enjoying the best of autumn’s fashion offerings.

From the cozy pairing of cashmere beanies and flannel shirts to the chic elegance of sweater dresses and tights, each look is crafted to enhance your wardrobe with outfits that are as versatile as they are stylish.

The beauty of these modest fall outfits lies in their ability to blend fashion with functionality.

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