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20 Cute & Simple Fall Nails to Try This Season

As the leaves begin to turn and the air becomes crisp, it’s the perfect time to refresh your look with cute & simple fall nails.

Capturing the season’s palette can transform your nails into a celebratory element of your daily style, acting as a canvas for the rich, warm hues and cozy textures that define fall.

Incorporating elements such as fall design nails and cute fall designs into your manicure not only celebrates the season but also adds a touch of whimsy to your everyday.

In this post, we’ll show you 20 simple and cute fall nails to adorn your nails this fall.

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1. Pumpkin Spice

This design is not just about a single shade but involves a spectrum of orange hues, from deep, rich pumpkin to lighter, glitter-infused variants that sparkle like autumn sunlight.


Starting with a neutral base, you can layer shades of orange to create a multidimensional look that mimics the natural variations in a pumpkin’s color.

For those who adore a bit of drama, adding a touch of glitter can simulate the captivating sheen of morning dew on an autumn pumpkin.

The design can be as simple as a solid pumpkin orange or as intricate as detailed art featuring pumpkin motifs or even adorable jack-o’-lantern faces.

2. Sweater Weather

As the temperatures drop and the layers pile on, Sweater Weather nails offer you the perfect way to match your cozy attire with equally snug nail art.


This trend, inspired by the comfy knits of your favorite sweaters, brings a tactile element to your manicure that’s both stylish and seasonal. Imagine the intricate patterns of a cable knit sweater, but on your nails!

The charm of Sweater Weather nails lies in their ability to mimic the textured, raised designs of knitted fabric. This 3D nail art looks as if you could actually feel the cozy patterns.

It’s a playful yet sophisticated way to celebrate the cooler months, with designs ranging from the classic cable knit patterns to more modern, graphic interpretations.

For a truly autumnal touch, try incorporating colors that resonate with fall’s palette—deep burgundies, rich plums, or even a matte burnt orange.

3. Autumn Leaves

Capture the essence of fall with Autumn Leaves nails, a design that beautifully reflects the season’s vibrant foliage.


This style is all about celebrating the natural beauty of the leaves as they change colors, offering a palette of redsoranges, and yellows that are simply perfect for your fall manicure.

Start with a matte nude base to emphasize the bright colors of the leaves. Using art paints, begin by sketching the outline of a maple leaf, focusing on creating the five main veins that define its iconic shape.

This initial sketch should be light, serving as a guide for the more detailed painting to come. For a realistic touch, mix colors like CocoNeon Sun glow, and Lava to paint the leaves.

The key here is to blend these colors while they are still wet to achieve a natural gradation that mimics the way real leaves change hues from the stem outward.

The center of the leaf can be highlighted with a lighter mix, adding depth and dimension to your design.

4. Plaid Perfection

The beauty of plaid lies in its versatility, effortlessly matching with any fall outfit, making it a staple for your nail art repertoire this season.


Starting with a neutral or soft base color, the journey to achieving plaid perfection on your nails begins. Layering thin, precise lines that cross each other, you can mimic the well-loved pattern of a cozy autumn scarf.

Choose colors like deep reds, forest greens, or navy blues to draw these lines, ensuring they contrast beautifully against the base.

For a modern twist on this traditional design, consider using metallic shades to add a touch of glamour. A thin stripe of gold or silver can transform your nail art from daytime casual to evening elegance.

The key is in the precision of the lines and the choice of colors that embody the fall spirit.

To achieve the Plaid Perfection look, you might start with the classic criss-cross pattern and then experiment by varying the thickness of the lines or adding a new angle to the design.

Each nail can feature a slightly different plaid pattern, creating a dynamic and engaging look across your hands.

5. Cozy Knits

Every year, especially during the festive season, the ‘knit’ nail art, translated as sweater-effect nails, comes back into fashion.


These nails reproduce, in relief, the appearance of wool sweaters with ribs or braids that, at first glance, evoke a cozy feel.

Also known as sweater nails, they can be created on nails of any shape, although almond or oval-shaped nails are most recommended.

The cold winter weather is quickly approaching and the only thing we want to do is cuddle up in our biggest, warmest sweater.

The newest nail trend creates a cozy sweater for your nails and we love the designs we’ve seen! To make your own sweater nails use a dotting tool to create a knit pattern on your nail using gel nail polish. For a better looking cable knit effect you can use 3D gel too.

The chosen colors for these manicures are all variations of white with silver accents or blues, like the daytime or nighttime sky in winter.

6. Harvest Hues

Inspired by the vibrant shades of fall foliage, Harvest Hues offers a cornucopia of colors that range from earthy tones to bold autumn shades, perfect for adding a seasonal charm to your look.


Imagine a manicure that mirrors the colors you see during a stroll through a park blanketed in fallen leaves.

The Harvest Hues collection is designed to evoke the essence of autumn with its deep reds, cozy browns, and rich golds.

Applying these colors can be as effortless as the leaves falling from the trees. The simplicity of the Harvest Hues allows for easy application, giving you more time to enjoy the season’s festivities.

These designs can be achieved with nail wraps or freehand painting, depending on your preference and skill level.

This season, let your nails be a celebration of fall’s natural splendor, enhancing your fashion with a palette that’s as rich and inviting as the season itself.

7. Cinnamon Spice

This nail style draws inspiration from the rich, inviting spice itself and offers a versatile palette that complements a variety of autumn outfits.


Begin your Cinnamon Spice manicure with a neutral or pale base coat to enhance the visibility of the cinnamon shades.

You can choose from a range of spicy redschocolate browns, and deep burgundies—colors that evoke the feeling of a cozy autumn evening.

For a truly captivating look, opt for an ultra-opaque finish to make the colors pop against your skin tone.

The beauty of Cinnamon Spice nails lies in their simplicity and elegance. Applying two thin layers of your chosen cinnamon shade will provide a solid, rich color, ideal for those who appreciate a more understated style.

8. Falling for You

Celebrate the romance of autumn with Falling for You nails, a design that perfectly captures the essence of a crisp, autumn day.


The Falling for You design features an abstract fall leaf accent, creating a beautiful contrast against a backdrop of warm red, orange, and gold hues.

These colors blend seamlessly, evoking the feeling of a cozy, autumn sunset. The black leaf accents add a touch of elegance and simplicity, making this nail design both easy to achieve and effortlessly stylish.

This nail style is perfect for those who appreciate beauty in simplicity. It’s straightforward yet striking, allowing you to showcase your love for the season without the need for overly complex designs.

9. Warm Cocoa

Indulge in the cozy comfort of Warm Cocoa nails, a style that brings the beloved autumn and winter beverage to your fingertips.


This nail design is inspired by the rich, inviting shades of hot chocolate—from frothy milk chocolate to deep, dark cocoa.

It’s a perfect way to add a touch of warmth to your seasonal look, blending beautifully with fall and winter fashion.

Start with a matte brown base to emulate the classic hot cocoa appearance. This color is not only trendy but also versatile, complementing a wide range of skin tones and outfits.

For a playful twist, consider adding a frothy white tip to mimic the creamy top of a freshly poured hot cocoa. This contrast not only enhances the design but also adds a fun, whimsical element to your manicure.

To deepen the cozy vibe, mix different shades of brown on your nails. You can create an ombre effect that transitions from a light, milky chocolate at the cuticle to a rich, dark chocolate at the tip.

This gradient mimics the seductive pour of chocolate in a mug and adds a sophisticated touch to your nail art.

10. Maple Madness

Immerse yourself in the essence of autumn with Maple Madness nails, a style that encapsulates the beauty and warmth of the fall season.


This design draws inspiration from the rich, syrupy tones of maple syrup, a staple in autumnal decor and cuisine.

With hues that reflect the golden-red luster of maple leaves and the glossy finish of fresh syrup, your nails can become a canvas for this quintessential fall element.

Start by choosing a base color that resembles the deep, amber tones of maple syrup. You’ll want a color that is both warm and inviting, mirroring the cozy feel of the season.

To achieve the glossy, syrup-like finish that makes Maple Madness so distinctive, apply a high-gloss top coat that enhances the depth and richness of the base color.

11. Cranberry Crush

This style captures the essence of autumn with its deep reds and burgundy tones, making it a perfect choice for your fall manicure.


The beauty of Cranberry Crush lies in its versatility. You can opt for a bold and vibrant look with glossy, deep reds that mirror the natural color of cranberries, or choose a subtle and elegant matte finish that adds a touch of sophistication to your nails.

For those who love to express their style through their manicure, Cranberry Crush offers endless possibilities—from simple, solid color applications to intricate designs featuring Thanksgiving nail art or festive manicure patterns.

If you’re looking to add a creative twist to your Cranberry Crush nails, consider incorporating elements of Thanksgiving nail art.

This could include delicate patterns of autumn leaves, or even playful designs like tiny turkeys or pumpkins.

12. Earthy Tones

Earthy tones are not just popular in home decor for their ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere; they also make for stunning, versatile nail colors.


From the subdued shades of brown and beige to the vibrant olive and terra-cotta, these colors bring a touch of the outdoors to your manicure.

The allure of Earthy Tones lies in their connection to the natural world, invoking a sense of calmness and grounding.

When you choose a brown or beige, you’re not just picking a color; you’re selecting a backdrop that can support a variety of looks. 

Olive nails, for instance, offer a muted but unique alternative to more traditional greens, perfect for someone looking to subtly add color to their fall palette.

13. Rustic Glam

This style is perfect for you if you love a touch of elegance while staying true to earthy, natural aesthetics. 


Rustic Glam combines the warm, comforting tones of autumn with the luxurious shimmer of glitter, creating a look that’s both grounded and dazzling.

Imagine your nails painted in deep, rich earthy browns or burnt oranges, reminiscent of autumn leaves. Now, add a touch of gold glitter or rusty brown glitter powder to bring a glamorous twist to these traditional fall colors.

For a truly Rustic Glam experience, consider designs that incorporate elements of fall nail art, such as leaf patterns or plaid nails.

These designs can be subtly enhanced with a sprinkle of glitter or a glossy topcoat to catch the light and draw attention.

It’s a style that’s perfect for seasonal gatherings or just adding a bit of autumnal cheer to your everyday look.

14. Acorn Accents

This delightful nail art trend combines the simplicity of neutral nails with the playful addition of acorn charms and decals, creating a look that is both understated and captivating.


Ideal for anyone looking to celebrate autumn’s natural beauty, Acorn Accents offer a unique twist on traditional fall nail art.

Starting with a neutral base color, these designs provide a soft backdrop that makes the acorn decorations stand out.

You can choose from a palette of warm beiges or soft browns, which not only complements the acorn motifs but also aligns beautifully with other autumnal themes.

The subtle elegance of the base allows the acorn nail art stickers or charms to take center stage, adding an intriguing element to your manicure.

These can be placed on the nail as standalone features or combined with other autumn-themed decorations like small leaves or twigs, enhancing the overall theme of your manicure.

The beauty of Acorn Accents lies in their versatility. They are perfect for a range of occasions during the fall season, from casual outings to more festive gatherings.

15. Forest Flair

This style captures the essence of a woodland retreat, featuring deep greens and earthy tones that evoke the tranquility of nature.


The base of these designs often starts with a black background sprinkled with green chrome flakies, creating a perfect canvas that resembles the forest floor.

For a touch of magic, imagine a scene right out of a forest at dusk—double stamping techniques are used to layer images of dense woods and perhaps a lone wolf howling beneath a holo yellow moon.

This intricate scene can be crafted using various shades of green and gold, providing a rich, multi-dimensional look that brings the forest to life on your nails.

Adding to the allure, gold accents are strategically placed to mimic the fleeting sunlight filtering through the treetops, enhancing the overall mystical feel.

This design isn’t just a style; it’s a narrative on your nails, telling a tale of quiet evenings under a canopy of trees.

Forest Flair nails are perfect for you if you love nature and want to carry a piece of its timeless beauty with you.

16. Falling Petals

To create the Falling Petals look, start by preparing your nails with a neutral base color.


This subtle background will make the petal designs stand out, giving them a bright and vibrant appearance.

Using a fine brush, begin to sculpt the petals using a high-quality white acrylic. The key is to place a bead of acrylic on the nail and gently mold it into a petal shape, applying pressure in the center to create a natural, curved look.

As you work, add tiny shards of non-sharp metal into the wet acrylic to give your petals a unique, textured effect that catches the light beautifully.

The center of each petal should be kept relatively flat to allow the layers to stand out, creating a stunning visual depth.

To enhance the overall design, consider adding a matte topcoat over the petals, leaving the metallic elements glossy for a contrasting effect.

Falling Petals nails are an exquisite choice for anyone looking to bring a touch of autumn’s poetic beauty to their look.

17. Nutmeg Nails

Imagine the rich, inviting color of fresh nutmeg adding a sophisticated touch to your manicures, perfect for any fall activity, from sipping spiced lattes to strolling through the crisp autumn air.


Nutmeg Nails are celebrated for their versatility. They can be the star of the show or act as a subtle complement to your fall fashion choices.

The color’s deep and delectable tones provide a classic cream finish, offering full coverage with just one coat or creating bold and beautiful details when used for stamping.

This makes it an ideal choice for both a simple, elegant look and more intricate nail art designs.

The unique appeal of Nutmeg Nails lies in their ability to bring warmth to your look. This shade is reminiscent of autumn’s signature spices and offers a comforting, yet chic vibe that enhances any outfit.

18. Fireside Glow

This nail art style brings the cozy atmosphere of a fireside right to your fingertips, combining rich, warm colors with creative designs that reflect the beauty of a glowing hearth.

Imagine the comfort of a soft, flickering fire as you paint your nails in shades of deep reds and vibrant oranges, reminiscent of flames dancing in the fireplace.

To start, you might choose a base color that evokes the deep, warm tones of burning wood or glowing coals. From there, the artistry begins as you use techniques to create the illusion of gentle flames licking the air.

One popular method involves using a thin brush to draw delicate flame shapes, starting with a base of fiery red or orange and adding layers of yellow and white to bring the flames to life.

The key is to blend these colors while they’re still wet, allowing them to merge into each other naturally, mimicking the unpredictable, mesmerizing patterns of fire.

19. Falling Stars

Capture the enchanting allure of Falling Stars nails, a design that captures the magical and dreamy essence of the night sky.


This style is perfect for you if you love to add a touch of sparkle and festivity to your look, regardless of the season.

With Falling Stars nails, every gesture you make will mimic the mesmerizing trail of a shooting star, enhancing your outfit with an ethereal glow.

The beauty of this design lies in its versatility and the ease with which it can be adapted to match any occasion.

For a subtle yet captivating look, consider sheer black nails adorned with gold constellation and star accents. .

20. Moody Mauve

Step into the season with Moody Mauve nails, a sophisticated blend of pink and violet that offers a timeless elegance to your fall manicure.


This charming shade is perfect for any time of year, but it shines especially bright during the autumn months, providing a subtle yet striking complement to your seasonal wardrobe.

Moody Mauve is more than just a color; it’s a fashion statement that carries a sense of nostalgia, femininity, romance, and even a touch of royalty.

Historically, mauve was a luxury that only the wealthiest could afford, and it was popularized in the 1800s by Queen Victoria herself.

Today, it brings that rich history to your fingertips, making your nails not just beautiful, but also a conversation starter about fashion history.

For a truly elegant manicure, consider pairing Moody Mauve with colors that enhance its depth and richness.

Combinations with burgundybluegray, or black yield a refined and calming palette, while adventurous contrasts with orangeyellow, or mint green can transform your nails into a vibrant canvas of fall colors.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve explored the spectrum of fall nail ideas, from the warming shades of Pumpkin Spice and Sweater Weather motifs to the intricate patterns of Plaid Perfection and the cozy allure of Knit patterns, it’s clear that the season’s beauty can be captured right at your fingertips.

Each design reflects the essence of autumn, allowing you to express your seasonal spirit and personal style through the art of manicure.

Wrapping up, let the rich tapestry of fall inspire you to experiment with your nail art, choosing from the myriad of hues and designs that celebrate the season.

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